Zuckerberg for President 2020!

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by James Corbett
August 12, 2017

Look at that. Do you see it? The pieces are sitting there on the table. All we have to do is fit them together.

But it's as if a Medusa head has been cut up into a jigsaw puzzle; simply piecing it together would create a picture too ghastly for anyone to behold. So I'll let you assemble the picture for yourself:

  • For his annual "personal challenge," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has vowed "to visit every state I haven't spent time in before to learn about people's hopes and challenges, and how they're thinking about their work and communities."
  • He is having lunch with South Dakotan ranchers and hanging out with Ohio steelworkers and other Rockefeller-handing-out-dimes-level staged PR claptrap.
  • He has inserted an exemption in his corporate succession plan to ensure he can still run Facebook if he leaves the company to go serve in government.
  • He has hired Joel Benenson, a former Obama advisor and Clinton strategist, to work for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (Zuck's obligatory gazillionaire tax shelter/"philanthropic" social engineering foundation).
  • And, most tellingly, he has suddenly seen the light and renounced atheism in favor of a more voter-friendly stance: "I was raised Jewish and then I went through a period where I questioned things, but now I believe religion is very important."

Ugh. It's too horrific to even write this sentence, but here goes: Mark Zuckerberg, Overlord of the Evil Facebook Empire, is running for President.

Not officially, of course. Officially, he is most certainly not running for president and wherever did you get such a silly idea, anyway? You know, kind of like the Hildebeast was "considering" whether to run for president in 2013 and 2014 before finally giving in to the people's wishes and announcing her candidacy in 2015? And, to be fair, maybe he'll try for Congress or the Senate first. But make no mistake: Sooner or later, barring some miraculous intervention, we may be forced to hear "Hail to the Chief" every time the CEO of Facebook walks into a room.

Well, look on the bright side. At least he isn't a lizard. (A cyborg, maybe...)

I can't imagine that anyone reading these words needs to be told precisely why this is such a nightmare, but just in case, let's go through it all again.

Everyone has seen the Hollywood version of the Facebook story. You know, like the chat logs from 2004 where Zuck tells his friend to just ask "if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard." After explaining that he has the emails, pictures, addresses and other personal details of over 4,000 Harvard students, his friend, incredulous, asks how he managed that—why they handed all that data to him. Zuck's reply? "I don't know why. They trust me. Dumb fucks." And then, as we all remember, he went ahead and used that data to hack into the email accounts of Facebook's earliest users.

(Oh, wait, you never heard that part of the story? Hmmm, I wonder why Aaron Sorkin left it out of his script?...)

No wonder, then, that from its very earliest stages Facebook has been surrounded by the usual gaggle of deep state movers and shakers who you would expect to attach themselves to such a marvelous spy engine.

Like Jim Breyer. He was the managing partner at Accel Partners when they invested $13 million in start-up money during Facebook's initial round of funding in 2005. As Facebook's biggest shareholder, Breyer had a seat on Facebook's board until he stepped down in 2013. He was also the chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, whose board included Gilman Louie, then CEO of In-Q-Tel. "And who's In-Q-Tel?" you might ask (unless you've watched my video on the subject, of course). Oh, just the CIA's own venture capital firm. Probably nothing to worry about, though.

Or Peter Thiel. The other major early investor in Facebook, Thiel still sits on the Facebook board. He is also the co-founder and former CEO of globalist PayPal. Moreover, Thiel's not just a proud Bilderberg attendee; he actually sits on the influential steering committee, deciding on the NWO conclave's agenda and invitation list.

As The Onion accurately observed back when The Onion still did cutting, relevant stuff, Facebook should more accurately be known as "The Facebook CIA Project."

Of course, Facebook has done nothing to dispel the suspicion that it is an active collaborator in deep state surveillance and censorship of the web. On the contrary:

You know, come to think of it, maybe Zuckerberg is qualified to be President, after all: He's an unconvicted criminal. He is an enemy of free speech and an ally of the deep state surveillance apparatus. He is willing to discard his beliefs (or non-beliefs) on a dime based on whatever way he thinks the political winds are blowing. And he seems so curiously inhuman that many are compelled to ask if he is indeed a robot.

But hey, I'm not a statist and I won't be encouraging anyone to vote in any election, so what do I know?

Well, actually, I do know this: It is a scientifically confirmed fact that quitting Facebook makes you happier. And (in case you hadn't heard) THE CORBETT REPORT IS NOT ON FACEBOOK! Are you?

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I hope people are waking up to this zionist puppet

Not that chump isn't working for the same boss..

I agree I covered this already, but this is a major conflict of interest. Zuckerberg is censoring content on Facebook and is now going to use that platform to shove his political campaign down everyone's throats. This is total bullshit, everyone should stop using Facebook immediately and just use steemit.

My article / video about Suckerberg for Prez: https://steemit.com/stwt/@titusfrost/stwt-show-9-my-subs-stories-ama-questions-mark-suckerberg-for-prez-eth-bitcoin-cash


Shit, that's not enough. We'll have to flee the damn country. Maybe @sean-king can set us up with some beachside-landlords in Puerto Rico.


Titus, I'm a big fan of your material on youtube and I thank you for opening my eyes to facebook. I always knew it was bullshit but taking what you said, along with my own research, I realized that I was not going to do jack shit to support this con artist anymore. I got rid of facebook and am just getting started on steemit.


Hahaha! love it XD

Excatly why i shut down facebook years ago, God help us if this cretin gets into a more powerful role..

This is the reason i keep telling everyone,**** facebook and steem on

Kill yr facebook! Thanks, Mr. Corbett for keeping it real. I love your show

Can you imagine the FB propaganda feeds if this Suckerberg runs for prez?!

It would be like Correct the Record on steroids.

Great! President 2020!

Scariest thing I've read in a long while. Given the "liberal" madness sweeping America, in two years time Zuckerberg has the chance of launching a presidential run. Why even bother with a lower position? With Facebook as his main tool, not to mention the censorship presently being implemented on other major sites, he wouldn't have much trouble winning.

LibertyBlitz Michael Krieger tweeted @ 10 Aug 2017 - 14:13 UTC

"Content control staff"
Welcome to the brave new world. twitter.com/business/statu…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Yes, I read that somewhere last year that Z. wants to run for president. Well, he has the connections. Does it really matter WHO is president of the USA?

Somehow it all seems so irrelevant. The Globalists want to digitize everything and put everything on a blockchain, so we either get digitized head of states or we simply don't need them anymore.

And yes, I had quit Facebook a few years ago, but went on again to help publicize my articles, but I was indefinitely happier without Facebook, so I just don't participate anymore except sharing, i.e. THIS article.

This is exactly why I got rid of my facebook. He attempts to act as though facebook is not biased. It's difficult for anyone to believe that it is not and gives more ammunition to us who seek the truth. Hopefully more people will wake up and get rid of their social media accounts that make him rich to let the elite know that we will not tolerate this suppression of free speech.

Some people that rise to the top seek wealth and power. Zuckerberg has achieved extremely high wealth and now wants power and control... IMO, many of the politicians want to initiate and install new laws for us 'little people' to abide by because they know whats best for us 'worker ants'. The libertarian party needs to grow and kick those party line Rep/Dems out of office...

You know, one good thing that can come from there being so many competing social networks now, is that people will have more places they'll be likely to talk openly about this other than FB.

If Zuckerberg win the presidential election of 2020, it might be the beginning of the end. AI will going to eliminate humans that against facebook. Steemit and it's user will be the first in the list, facebook mortal enemy and big threat. My wild opinion only...

Does he really think he has a chance ? Dumped facebook years ago because he was selling out all his customers. Stupid clown

Excellent overview of F**kerberg's forthcoming quest for the Whitehouse. A scary thought indeed, but clearly he's prepping for his next step up in the Luciferian hierarchy. I wonder what he's promising to get him there, an official merger of the Chinese Communist Party and the Democratic Party with him as their model candidate? Actually, this is not too big of a stretch, so it must be something bigger. Perhaps he's promising to make Hillary VP. How about that for something to make you retch? He'd better watch his back though if that's the case. He might have one of those horrible Clinton "accidents". Good thing he has one of the world's largest surveillance infrastructures watching his back 24/7. Just too bad it's constantly watching everyone else as well..

A SJW's dream, everybody, brace yourselves

Zuck...could you just...not...like really, could you just please not right now. Not right now...not ever, Zuck just not...please! Not right now.😐 Seriously..just not right now.

Holy crap. This con artist reminds me of another current "politician".


Inb4 someone calls you a "Libtard" or "SJW" for disliking a Wall Street Billionaire who sold $110 Billion worth of arms deal to Saudi Arabia,was the head of a pyramid scheme,committed various forms of fraud,calls himself "both a globalist" and a nationalist",appointed former Goldmans Sachs employees to key positions,have a former Rothschild Banker as the Secretary of Commerce and breaking his promises of non-interventionism.


People can call me whatever they want. I know a snake when I see one, whether the King of FarceBook or in the white house.

Facebook has done nothing to dispel the suspicion that it is an active collaborator in deep state surveillance and censorship of the web. On the contrary:

In other news, Mark Zuckerberg is threatened that FB users will move to Steemit. :-D

Very possible. Just believe.

James - you and your impressive research never fail to impress, and I'm really happy to see you here in the Steemit community. And at the beginning of FB, when it was all the rage and multiple friends asked me to join, I created a bare-bones account, and have not used it since. It is alarming to have followed FaceBook's course over the years since its inception, and witness the hugely adverse effect it has had on individuals and society. Not unlike the addicted-to-cellphone behavior that is horrifyingly ubiquitous... Thanks for all you do to try to wake enough people up.

Hello , @corebettreport i like you ... post ... please Follow me and up vote .

If (((Zukerberg))) gets the presidency, then we are done with.

I wonder what's going to happen if one of the millenniums Alpha male of Social Networking becomes the next president. Hmmmm....

Not to use bad language but I heard a funny campaign pitch for him,
F@%k Zuc!

This is honestly scary. Considering the fact that he already has information about 85% of Americans that use Facebook. But is he even Democrat because the Republican spot is already going to be filled with Donald Trump.

Jason Greenburg aka Zuckerburg is the scum of the earth!

Very informative article thank you for the post!

If Zuckerberg really runs for the 2020 election then wait till the Mainstream Corporate Media indirectly paints Zuckerberg as an "Anti Establishment" figure like they did with Trump.We might see another supposedly independent Alternative Media Outlet starting to be cheerleaders for Zuckerberg like a certain pseudo Alternative Media did when it came to Wall Street Billionaire Donald Trump.Maybe this time Zuckerberg might run against someone so god awful like one of the Koch Brothers and end up getting elected lol

There's one whom I'd vote for Hillary over. Hell, I'd vote for anyone on the planet before him.

I never ever made an account on faceberg.
It was hard considering all the zombies around me asking me to make one but at the end my sanity always saved me!

Great article, as usual James. It also gives a bit of reaffirmation in never having used facebook, or voted. I never seemed to be able to rationalize supporting anyone wanting that much power, over people, in either regard.

Great story James,
It really pisses me off that sometimes groups only communicate through facebook and ones that do know better sometimes.

I cant be sure how much of this is real or fake though...
One user tells me he does illegal, proven things - okay thats not good.
But then I scroll down and read about the illuminati, lizard people, luceferian hierarchies, and vast scheming of rich tech people...

How do you guys even come up with this stuff?

What other companies has In Q Tel invested in? Amazon by chance?

Well, I rarely visit FB anymore and am much happier and more productive for it. The majority of my audience are still there. I spend more time on Steemit these days. =)

Zuckerberg for president, who knows, stranger presidents have happened.

This facebook guy is filthy scumbag, that is the only qualification needed to be US politician.

I hate Facebook and Hitler IBM.