Vanessa Beeley Exposes the White Helmets

in news •  2 years ago 

For the past two years, Vanessa Beeley has been doing on-the-ground reporting in Syria exposing the lies of the NATO powers and their terrorist proxies. Her work on the White Helmets in particular has drawn the ire of the warmongers and their media mouthpieces. Today we talk to Beeley about the true nature of the White Helmets and the well-funded PR campaign that seeks to defend them.


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Excellent post and interview James. More and more people are waking up to the terrible reality that is the White Helmets terrorist project being orchestrated by our governments imperialists and their MSM partners. The MSM is in overdrive trying to sell the latest false flag provocation conducted by the White Helmet terrorists. Lately, I have been focusing on exposing Hadi Abadallah who is one of the lead propaganda disseminators for the White Helmets. Here are a few links to those posts. I hope this helps your already well informed audience to learn even more about this massive propaganda ruse being orchestrated against us all.

White Helmet Reporter of Su-25 Crash (Hadi Abadallah) Caught Working With al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in Syria)Terrorists

White Helmets Reporter Hadi Abadallah (First at Downed Su-25 Crash Site) Filmed Kissing and Hugging Army of Islam Terrorists in Syria

Exposing “The Last Men in Aleppo” (Hollywood's Deception) – FSA Terrorist Psyop and Oscar Nominated Propaganda Campaign

Also check out White Helmets Exposed which is where I post daily reports on the White Helmets and other ruses related to the war in Syria.

At my official Clarity of Signal site there are also dozens of posts that expose the current geopolitical insanity, a large portion of which deal with exposing the White Helmets.

TRUTH BOMBS STILL going off. @corbettreport and @clarityofsignal - great work. I appreciate you. Stay Awake and please keep shining big fuckin flashlights in the shadows. Strange how Reuters and Associated Press never picked this one up, one would think this is news worthy information. Oh but the Royals have a new outfit, nevermind. 25353414_10215138994287869_540348830_o.jpg

This is very informative. Very helpful to know about White Helmets . Thanks @clarityofsignal

I am going to tweet out some of these links as I have been following Vanessa Beeley on UK Column and this information MUST reach more people, the MSM are hoodwinked by these pseud charities which are the 'militia' almost of the global elite.

Vanessa Beeley is fantastic!

you are doing great work Vanessa beeley, you are brave enough to expose serious issues salute

Good to see Vanessa on steemit, been following her and Eva Bartlett's reporting for a couple or more years. Thanks James :)

The lies of this world will never end, it was all aiming for profitable next to hand,
Fortunately venesa beeley has revealed the lies of NATO and their terrorist proxies ...

Woow nice news post

I'm always amazed at finding out about another truth hound. The courage, the spirit and the stack of enemies that they face without cease. It shames me that I sit on my keister and read about it. Thank you for shining a light on this brave woman.

Ha ha ha... Xpose white Helmet maxresdefault (1).jpg

Vanessa Beeley your're amazing.. many people are scared to expose this serious issue but your not scared because you knew what your fighting for is correct. I pray for you safety always vanessa keep doing this thing.

Awesome video. Thanks for sharing

Its good that Vanessa Beeley exposed the lies of NATO powers and their terrorist activities

Vanessa...can you get an interview with Mike Rivero on What Really Happened - his audience would love to hear from you.

Wonderful video & good post @corbettreport

You're really brave to have carried out this project in a terrorist attacked country... Bravo

seeing the video it's very good.hope everyone like it.keep sharing.go ahead

Yep truth & thanks for share :):)


Top post, ..
the information is very useful and useful for all steemians.

Always success @corbettreport

Greetings know from me @muzahit

Great stuff, as ever James and of course Vanessa! And to show that what we are seeing is not new:

nice pose....

I am now happy to hear there are now honest reporters who don't just report news but then go in depth to fish out the truth...... The warmongers who are secretly fuelling Civil Wars for their selfish interests will all be exposed if we have great reporters like her... Nice and great job!!

Really great video @corbettreport

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Thank You! ⚜

Hey why couldn't I find this on Fbook? lolol

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Vanessa Beeley is fantastic doing a great job.

Vanessa Beeley has been doing fantastic reporting on the Syrian situation(debacle), and showing the white helmets up for what they are... for the last few years.


@corbettreport I did not know the white eggs and now I knew thank you because if I did not read and watch the video what I knew and I am happy to be on your posts always

Vanessa Beele is a hero of the modern world. The theme of terrorism is very serious and dangerous. This woman is very brave. To be engaged in exposing, which is connected with terrorism and connected with people who support terrorism is a very courageous and heroic act. Terrorism, unfortunately, will not be destroyed as long as politically interested people remain in it.

They are so photogenic, almost Hollywood don't you think?. But looking on the bright side, at least when they’re posing for selfies with certificates of congratulations, they're not faking chemical attacks or beheading 12 year old boys. Oh, they posed for photographs doing that too?

What an interesting world we all share.

Thanks JamesCorbett and Vanessa Beeley…… As always, shining a light where darkness prevails.

Great post would love to see more from this area... 8 }