How To Engineer A Crisis

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Are you a dictator in need of public support for your latest draconian clampdown on dissent? Or a deep state plotter hoping to topple a foreign government who doesn't comply with your every wish? A low-level Machiavellian schemer looking for the ultimate trick for defeating your enemies without lifting a finger? Then look no further than this handy-dandy guide to "How To Engineer A Crisis."


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That short clip ending... "you are free, and freedom is beautifull. It will take time to restore chaos" It wil take time to restore chaos you say...

Good work as always James.


Unfortunately it is true, they've been using all kinds of dirty means in order to overthrow foreign governments that wouldn't serve their interests. All they have to do is fund groups to start riots or even worse fake terrorist attacks.

Then they use corrupted media to spread the ''news'' and gain control of the public sentiment which will be exploited to justify illegal interventions in the future.


Media manipulation is the most painful part. Just look at how they fanned the flames of a supposed South Korean ban on crypto.

I was not aware that the Toronto police car was abadoned by the police for 7 hours. I also recall that transiant people were paid off by NYC police to disrupt Occupy Wall Street protests.

It has proven cheaper, monetarily and support, to help topple or push a enemy regime out of power. The war they put on for show, war on terrorism, is only that, for show. The stuff they due incognito style is just as powerful if not more so.

Like I always say, if there were not terrorists they would have to create some.

"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" If you haven't seen the documentary or read the book. you probably should.


Watches Corbett.. comment has upvotes.. I'll take that punt.. sold!

I think unjust and unwarranted engineering of crisis should be condemned in all ramifications. It happened in Libya against Gadaffi. Today Libya is in great crisis. I follow and upvote you.

False flags are so much more prevalent than anyone could ever imagine... Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work getting the truth out, we need more posters like you!

On the surface, things are rarely what they seem to be.

History tends to repeat itself. It is amazing that people think that the CIA and other government organizations aren't doing more than what the majority can imagine. There is always a distraction through the media trying to avert people's attention elsewhere, while there is a devious scheme at hand. If one follows the money trail it becomes very clear, for example, one could find who funds these major riots and other mass chaotic events and find a different conclusion than the media portrays.

Thanks for putting this together and sharing the truth.

Any amount of escalation of violence is not the only ingredient necessary, what also matters in the aftermath is the way coverage of the event is handled. We are in an age where it is the responsibility for people to be witnesses to the manipulations and atrocities they see, and the technology exists for those crimes to be documented and such practices be seen under a different light, and held up to a scrutiny by the masses of a higher degree than state-sponsored media ever held them accountable for.

They wanted every human on earth to carry devices that would document their lives, but those same devices can be used to document the actions of the powerful.

Off-topic but it's funny how it seems like the May flash crash is distant history yet happened less than a decade ago.

I think this tactic is not only used in the direction of clamping down on protesters and limit free speech. These violence tactics seem to also be used to move people WHICHEVER way the powers that be want the masses to move on any given day. This is no different than having sheep dogs nip a bit at the ankle of sheep to get them to move one way or the other.

The issues here are:

  1. Due to a lack of critical thinking the masses let themselves be moved to and fro.
  2. People don't have a deep foundation on which to stand firm, and thus they are easy to move around at the whim of whoever is in power.
  3. This continues will absolutely lead to the masses being steered to the precipice.

Shame on people, and especially cops, for inciting violence. Any government agency is such a joke that needs to end.

It's those damned anarchists I tell ya.

unfortunately it is true @corbettreport.
the post is educational and informative.
thanks for sharing.

At first,,, thanks dear for this awesome post.
'How To Engineer A Crisis', I never heard this word before. I heard about Election Engineering.So from your post, I got the huge idea about foreign politics.It's really dirty politics as my mind.


You gotta get an upvote for that last sentence.

Really great work as always James, very informative. Although this would kinda suggest that legitimate mass protest is therefore pointless as it would likely be subverted. Right?

We don't know SO MUCH... Everything we read or see on the news almost never is the real truth. So much manipulation from the media and the government and there are still people who believe in all that crap.

CNN has been exposed a few times to fake news in an attempt to harm either a foreign government or innocent people. While doing that, they are still making a profit.

Thanks for sharing the information

It is being done on a global scale with the war on terror, Islamaphobia and mass immigration. We are looking at Bolshevism 2.0.

Very intense.....! @corbettreport
well you can never be too prepared when it comes to crisis, In a crisis, not everyone rises to the occasion, so to speak. Some people freak out and do stupid things that hurt themselves heir instincts sometimes cause them to react or overreact in ways that make matters worse instead of better.


Big crisis leads to hunger, hunger lead to rage, rage can open a pandora's box, my country is going through its worst crisis in history, last week a guy was stab in the leg for a bag of TRASH, literally, people is eating from the trash, and they are killing for it

No one can be ready for something like this

Thank you very much for news and information post

Thank you very much for publishing tutorial news and information

Who would want to?

Any cause that employs lies & murder to acomplish it's ends must be defeeted. It's victory will bear the fruit of the seed from which it was planted.

thanks a lot for your work...

Good news.

There is no way the CIA DOESN'T have their filthy hands in this.

Thanks James!

Not like this is new information, but it's a great video to share!

P.S.: I just noticed the amount of spam comments on this post... WOW!

absolutely true @corbettreport
Thanks for sharing your valuable content..especially thanks for discuss about politics..cause i gain knowledge to your post ..well done.

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It's great how good these old cases are documented. I feel we should do a 1:1 comparison of all these cases to show that it really is just a "simple" protocol of actions to make a crisis happen.
When we can show that it is always the same, maybe more people would see behind the deception.
It really sounds like a recipe. Add a little bit of sniper and add a spoonful of money and there you go.
Thanks again for sharing!

Great to news.

Wonderful to find you here on Steemit!
really cool. HAve you thought about uploading your video's onto dtube?

I usually comment about the content but its so cool to have you here Welcome
I will get on and listen now : )

Unfortunately it is true @corbettreport
This content is more informative and educative about politics .I hope that you will share this types of video all the time and now i am learning more valuable things from your post .Thanks for sharing this significance post .I am waiting for your next content . thanks @corbettreport


OMG! This is SUCH an AMAZING post! Thank you for sharing! I give you a vote !!

What a cruel world ...

Great report James , The lame stream media is losing thanks to people like you becoming the media .

Truly inspiring blog you got there buddy. I rarely find so much information up to date; thank you for the real news reports! Enlightening!

Silly Corbett, trying to engineer a crisis to fulfill your geopolitic aims through "rent-a-mob" and "snipers shooting both sides to raise tensions" is so 2017.
The current trend in 2018 would be to indoctrinate youngsters in colleges (preferrably those who are in a lot of debt because of their student loans and since they took a degree course which didn't give them any marketable skills,they are especially vulnerable to want to blame someone or something for all of their problems) and tell them that every problem in the world is caused by capitalism and fill their heads with collectivist utopian thinking while telling them that anyone who disagrees with them or hurts their feelings are "fascists" and these "fascists" should not be allowed to say anything freely and if these "fascists" ever oppose their worldview, they should be dealt with through violence, examples include collectivst left wing groups such a AntiFa and BAMN.The best part about this tactic is that it can be used on both sides of the political spectrum as it could also used on collectivist right wing groups such as the Identitarian Movement,Kekistan,(just fill their head with the idea that everything wrong with the world comes from immigrants and from Soros is the only globalist throughout human history) and tell them that the Left cannot be reasoned with and indirectly encourage organized violence (sometimes under the guise of trolling/shitposting to avoid repurcussions) against Muslims/Leftists and make it sound as if it is an extremely grand task that needs to be undertaken by "alpha males" to "save Western Civilization from "rapefugees"
Using such tactics is not only cost-effective but also helps arouse the ego of multi-billionaire Rothschild Zionist Agents who view themselves as super smart puppetmasters who control everything.It also helps to create a global network of useful idiots willing to destroy the very fabric of their local community solely because they want everyone to completely agree with them and if you don't then to them you support opposing politicians.
This network of useful idiots would be so useful that they would be used in the coming years to shift the blame of the imminent global economic crisis from unelected and unaacountable Central Bankers to Islam/Muslims/CIS White Men/Evil Feminists/Nationalists.
This is not mere speculation that there is a drive towards shifting the blame for the upcoming economic crisis onto Islam instead of the actual perpetrators aka the Central Bankers but it is a documented fact revealed by Nick Griffin from the BNP

You left out one key point from your video and that is the fact that certain media outlets manages the generational myths that arises years after the engineered crisis.Like Philip Zelikow(Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission) said "generational myths" forms years after an event and unless people wake up to the obvious and not allow the corporate media to repeat a lie over and over again till the masses believe the lie to be the truth, all of our efforts in exposing the truth behind an engineered crisis might eventually become useless,years after the crisis with most future generations believing the lie concocted by the corporatist thinktanks and intelligence agencies.

I want to know when is Dan Dicks @pressfortruth is gonna grow that sweet ZZ-Top beard back again???

Hi I am following to u and your articles are very interesting good going best of luck to you.I am new to steemit plz help me.

Thank you very much for publishing tutorial news and information.unfortunately it is true
the post is educational and informative.
thanks for sharing.

Great work James. Found my way to Steemit based on your recommendation. Just getting familiar with it all.!/v/cfs.leaks/mxd17ygu

Child prostitution at Bonnycastle Park in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

Hope I don't get seth riched

I follow you and your articles are very interesting and shows the reality. I wish you the best of luck. I am new to steemit please help me.

Problem (escalation) Reaction (further escalation) Solution.
Somehow even in the predominantly muslim countries, christians become a favourite target of these (((cowards))), wonder why?

Have you seen the website crisis solutions. They have a video there saying exactly what they do. Crisis cloud video.

Hello James, thought you may be interested to know that in today Metro news paper (UK). There was a report about how 2 Russian fighter jets had been escorted away from UK airspace by UK reaction team.
I can't remember right now but I am sure I heard another situation today that is making me begin to suspect that the whole NWO are carrying out war-drills. Not sure why but normally the obvious answer is the correct one...

Thanks for this Corbett, great report!

Hi James,

I hope this doesn't get drowned under or come across as one of the countless spam comments on steemit, but I've picked this post as it seems somewhat related at least.

I have made some personal discoveries through steemit about the harsh truth of the present day in Venezuela.

I am struggling to find reasonable reporting on the subject and everything I find boils down to "failed socialism", I doubt it would be that simple.

If there's one authority (guess you probably don't like to be called that, but I think there's some truth to it) in unbiased well researched geopolitics reporting, I'd be looking to you.

And so I do: Is there a good comprehensive source elaborating the crisis in Venezuela? Is that a topic that you might dive into soon?

I'd deeply appreciate your reply. And If you'd like to know more about my sudden personal interest in the topic, I'll leave a link to my blog:

Turmoil in Venezuela - Looking at the Brutal Reality of a Failed State

Thanks for running @corbettreport!
your long long long time YT lurker