Coin Syndicate - Cryptocurrency Market Cap Recovering after a 25% drop.

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(1/6/18) - (13/6/18)

The Global Market cap had a correction this week but we look to be recovering quickly!


Quick Update

At the start of the week the global market cap of cryptocurrency was briefly over $835 Billion dollars but with some unexcept news about South Korea banning exchanges, the prices quickly dropped for most of the coins.

Coins that are more popular on the Korean exchanges were affected the most but all of cryptocurrency felt the hit.

The total global market cap according to dropped to $628 Billion or a 24.8% drop.

Since then, the market cap has been recovering and the news has been proven to be false.

Coins seem to be resuming their bullish trends and the global marketcap is on track to break its new all time once again.

Your Top 10 Coins by Market Cap


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