Mars Base Hidden in Plain Sight

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Mars Base Hidden in Plain Sight
April Fools Joke or Something Real?

Photo Credit: Google - Getty Images

Google, the dominate information provider on the planet has a corporate tradition whereby they create April Fool's Jokes, each April 1st. Google, Inc. restructuring under parent corporation, Alphabet has not changed this annual event.

April 1, 2017 was no different, with Google rolling out a myriad of new jokes for the public's and their own amusement. Like all jokes, if no one hears about them, there is little point to spending the time to do them, therefore the press is always tipped off, so they have something clever to write that day:

It is also noteworthy that Google lists two Mars Jokes, one about extending cloud data service to the red planet and the other announcing that traffic app Waze will now have Mars data.

Really, it's a "Joke"

Photo Credit: Google

Like most people, I have played around with Google Earth on occasion, however, I didn't even know that there was a "Google Mars" platform, offering similar views of the red planet.

On June 28, 2017, with April's Fools Day over two months in the past, the U.K. Express published a story detailing the Google Mars Base and concluded that it was a very clever April Fool's Joke produced by some unnamed person working at Google.

Photo Shop Deconstruction

Despite all the publicity these images have generated, not one person or team at Google has stepped forward to claim to have created these images.

We are told that these images are all Photo Shop creations and if true, a lot of time and effort was put into creating them. The original files have not been produced by anyone at Google, so there is no way to verify these claims.

I am also not aware of any work to forensically deconstruct these images to prove once and for all that they are 100% fakes.

Secure Team Video

Secret Space Program

Photo Credit: Pintrest

Rumors of a secret space program have been circulating for decades. Some would argue these discussions are simply a way to explain why humanity has been relegated to low Earth orbit missions since the end of the Apollo era. Leaks of the Solar Warden program, whistle blower reports have repeatedly surfaced, detailing the secret space program.

On June 11, 1985, after meeting with 5 top space scientists at the White House, President Ronald Reagan's diary entry stated that the United States "Shuttle Fleet" was capable of orbiting 300 people!!! Since the public shuttle fleet numbered 5 craft, each was capable of carrying 8 people to orbit, it begs the question, what was Reagan being told about?

Since every single non-America Mars probe has either crashed upon the surface, been lost or simply stopped working soon after landing, we have no way of getting any independent confirmation of any images taken on Mars.


Photo Credit: Imageflip

The base is either a very well done and elaborate joke or the base is actually real.

If it is real, which is less likely, although not impossible, the Google Joke story is a great way to acknowledge the image and explain it away at the same time.

What do you think???


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The pictures In your article are CGI Images, the Secret Space Program Is just another Freemason deception. Mars Isn't somewhere you can land on.


Thanks for taking the time to read my article and for taking the time to comment. Interesting video too.

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