Bernie Sanders Says no to reparations for black people.

in news •  17 days ago

Bernie Sanders has announced his 2020 campaign to run for President. The ongoing discussion in the black community has been which candidate is going to support reparations for black people. African American people are tired of supporting candidates that don't have a specific black agenda. If we cannot get a candidate that supports a black agenda, reparations being one of them then we will not support a candidate.

The alternative is to have a candidate like Trump for another 4 years. Yes that is correct black people are willing to stay out of this election because our interests as a people are not being served. It been 400 years and America has still not atoned for their sins. Black people today still are at a disadvantage because of the destructive nature of policies like Jim Crow, redlining, and institutionalized racism.

Bernie Sanders straighten up or lose the black vote.

Bernie Sanders supported the initiative to give reparations to Jews, but he cant come out and support reparations for black people. He doesn't get my vote unless he supports reparations.

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Omg what is he doing, he’s just going to help lock Trump in for another four years! Bernie could not beat Hillary, how he going to beat Trump! Lol


Exactly he is going to need all of the help that he can get.


Exactly he is
Going to need all of the
Help that he can get.

                 - clearbluecrypto

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