War in Ukraine: Watchdog Media Provides Worlds Largest Compilation of Ukraine War First Person and Media Videos Proving Official Narrative To Be False (N.S.F.W.)

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THE WAR IN UKRAINE - A fast-paced 25-minute summary of the war in Ukraine. The protests in the west, the protests in the east and the outbreak of war are chronologically presented in this informative, captivating and tragic short film.


The following video material was compiled by Chris Nolan of the Brisbane, Australia based Watchdog Media from the start of the Ukraine War in February 2014 up to the present day in May 2019. It comprises the worlds largest online available collection of first person videos and collated mainstream media videos related to the war in Ukraine. The material as a whole reveals a picture quite different than the official narrative promoted by western mainstream media outlets up to the present time. The combined collated video material includes hundreds of uploaded online videos that have been downloaded by Watchdog Media and placed into easy to watch and access timeline-accurate presentations, most notably in the Watchdog Media "Roses Have Thorns" series which includes 17 specific to event video volumes totaling over 32 hours of first-person and MSM video clips related to the war.

The link to the Watchdog Media You Tube channel featuring the videos is here:


The "Roses Have Thorns" video series is here:


For posterity in the new era of Internet censorship that has commenced over the last half-decade, a BitChute backup link to the Watchdog Media main page videos is provided here:


In July 2017 Watchdog Media released "8 Months in Ukraine" which featured a large portion of the most important uploaded archived footage related to the first year of the war and which was downloaded and edited into a 5 hour chronological video timeline that reveals the true and terrible nature of the Ukraine war and its horrific effects on the civilian population.

8 Months in Ukraine (Euromaidan - MH17)

Additional related information:

Truth of Ukraine War Revealed: Watchdog Media Releases Definitive Chronological Timeline Video of Ukrainian War From Euromaidan to MH-17


Additional videos relating to specific events in Ukraine are also available at both the Watchdog Media You Tube and Bitchute main pages.

A good place to start understanding the nature of the war and its advocates and supporters is with the excellent trailers that Chris Nolan has linked together. (Example)

The Attempted Siege of Donetsk (Trailer)

Link to Trailers page : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPXDAOv6gXa1Qrj9zd9r5MfBaaroFEttt

Links to examples of Trailer's related to specific subject matter and citizens (victims) personal stories:

War Crimes in Gorlovka - The Anna Tuv Story [Trailer]

Euromaidan and Crimea

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Additional WatchDog Media You Tube Video Links with supporting images:

The Odessa Massacre - uploaded first person videos reveal the true story of over 4000 Right Sector Ultras traveling from Kiev to Odessa and attacking pro-Russian Odessa citizens on May 2nd, 2014. The peacefully protesting Odessa citizens were trapped by the Right Sector inside the Odessa Trade Unions Building which was then burned by the Ultras. Over 50 innocent people perished, including many who were beaten to death with clubs after jumping from the windows of the burning building. The bodies of other female victims exhibited signs of rape and torture, including a pregnant woman who was strangled. Western media provided a completely different narrative that cast blame upon the victims. No legitimate thorough investigation was carried out by the new coup imposed Kiev authorities.

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Watchdog Media also thoroughly covers The Mariupol Massacre which took place on Victory Day, May 1, 2014 where Right Sector troops, serving as a branch of the Ukrainian military, shot to death numerous civilians in the street (many of whom were elderly), as well as killing over a dozen police officers at the Mariupol Police Station. Western media portrayed these actions as the liberation of Mariupol and its government building from Russian aggressors.

The Bombing of the Lugansk Municipal Government Building in late May 2014-

Includes graphic footage of the Ukrainian Air Force dropping bombs that killed 7 people in early June 2014. The victims shown on camera were mainly middle aged women and local citizens who were working at the building at the time. Western authorities and media outlets once again covered up this atrocity while the Ukrainian government provided a completely different version of what took place.


Graphic warning: Images of victims

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When it comes to what western citizens are allowed to see and perceive in relation to the Ukraine War, You Tube and Google, working in collusion with the government, provides official government narrative information with any video material that exposes the inaccuracies in the official western government version of events related to the Ukraine War. Paradoxically, the video material uploaded by first-person victims themselves often proves to provide a different story than the You Tube 'official' version of events. The Google corporation also utilizes algorithms that "bury" and "disappear" these types of videos. Hence the reason many of them have such low views even though they contain such important highly-revealing information.

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Additional WatchDog Media provided videos -

The Separatist Anti-Maidan Movement - (largely ignored by western mainstream media who consistently neglected to post reporters to the region.

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The role of the OSCE- The compiled video evidence shows local people in the breakaway regions attempting to explain to the OSCE that the Ukrainian Army is consistently bombing them, hitting their neighborhoods with heavy guns and both direct and indirect fire on a daily basis. OSCE reports rarely provide azimuth/direction of fire for confirmation on projectile trajectory and locations of the Ukrainian Army in regards to such trajectory. Instead the OSCE states that pinning down the firing location and the perpetrating party at the firing site is beyond their Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) mandate. It remains a fact that the damage location and the type of round easily provides clues as to the location of the party that conducts the firing. This information is particularly easy to ascertain when the Ukrainian Army is firing from fixed locations in close proximity to the set demarkation line using large artillery weapons.

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These are all just some of the examples of Chris Nolan's excellent work compiling all these videos for the sake of posterity and humanities historical record. A large number of videos revealing the truth of the war were recently scrubbed for LiveLeak and You Tube, and thus the truth disappears if good people do not pick up the torch to protect it and light the way. Also deserving of huge accolades for helping Chris compile the material together and translate it across the board are Ollie Richardson and Angelina Saird. Without their help many people in western countries would have difficulty understanding and comprehending the affected individuals featured in the first-person videos and the Ukrainian and Russian government/media videos. They have also performed a great service for humanity.

The MediaFire download of "The War in Ukraine" can be found here:

Download (1.2GB): https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=hyN3yWMFs8w&redir_token=7HsYiglFos9X-Md2pWGTyPqzmXp8MTU1Njg5OTkwM0AxNTU2ODEzNTAz&event=video_description&q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mediafire.com%2Ffile%2Fdu87e2rs3fhwtvd%2FThe_War_in_Ukraine.mp4%2Ffile

Official MediaFire downloads can be found below the other Watchdog Media videos.

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