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Truth Media Revolution video exposes the Zionists in key power positions within the Trump Administration, and the Zionist "All For Israel" oligarchs that placed Donald Trump in power. (Posted for Posterity) in the new age of Orwellian Internet censorship and government mass surveillance.

The US government is run in accordance to the Hegelian Dialectic with the two main political parties acting as fake opposing foils, when, in actuality, they both work for the same Zionists/global elitist masters. In accordance to the Hegelian Dialectic they create problems, provide reactions and then provide the solutions to the problems they themselves created. Hence the reason for the massive divisiveness and false flags occurring now. To see the larger picture, one must realize that the rights of Americans are being quickly removed through this dialectic, see who the wars are really for, and who benefits? The time to wake up to this harsh reality is now, as the censorship measures they are enacting via their false flag agenda are increasing more and more. They are not far from the point where soon they will be arresting American citizens who expose their murderous crimes.

Clarity of Signal post from October 2017 reveals lots more information on Trump and Israel -

Beyond The Divisive Agenda – Defining Donald Trump As A Tool of The Zionist-Elite And Why He Was Really Placed In Power To Wage War on Iran

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And yet there are those who for some reason nevertheless believe the hype that it is Donald Trump who is now opposing the war on Iran agenda being openly led by Bolton, Pompeo and Netanyahu.

Great article from 2017, thanks for linking! And it has only gotten more blatantly obvious since then with cancellation of Iran nuclear deal and the incessant push towards war since, that Trump is nothing but a Zionist puppet. I mean, come on, Israel just named their most recent illegal settlement 'Trump Heights' - can it get any more obvious what is going on here?

For some paying close attention, it's been obvious all along...