Iran Strikes Back

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On Monday, President Trump followed through with his statement in labeling a segment of Iran's military branch, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp, as a terrorist group. Tehran has followed up with labeling all US troops currently in the Middle East as terrorists! Vox states:

Iranian lawmakers overwhelmingly approved the measure after the country’s defense minister introduced a bill on the issue, according to Iranian state TV. Some politicians wanted to name the entirety of the US Army — not just forces deployed in the region — as terrorists, meaning Iran’s reaction actually could’ve been worse.


What does this mean for the two countries? This could escalate from a war of words and sanctions to an actual war. The US has been pounding Iran for some time now, and Iran has been trying to get some kind of relief from the sanctions but at every turn the US has blocked them, essentially destabilizing the economy and putting the citizens at risk! So what is Iran to do? Will they fight back sooner than later? Who would aid them? Leave your thoughts below!!

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They're going tit for tat.

The conflict between Iran and the US is escalating.