Did You Hear About The US Presidential Candidate Who Would Pardon Snowden & Ulbricht?

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I have never vouched for a US presidential candidate until Arvin Vohra announced his candidacy for President. Vohra is a former Vice Chair of the national Libertarian Party in the US. The main reason for my support is his first order of business:

On the first day of my presidency. I will pardon those in prison who have neither harmed anyone nor stolen anything. I will start with @Snowden and @RossUlbricht, LINK to Tweet

The Pardon Of Edward Snowden & Ross Ulbricht

Arvin Vohra, 39, is an expert at creating controversy within his radical and mainstream libertarian circles. Everyone was very surprised when Arvin announced on Twitter that he would pardon people who performed non-violent crimes like Edward Snowden and Ross Ulbricht if he became president.


Edward Snowden became renowned during the Obama administration. He was employed to become an analyst for the National Security Agency (NSA) subcontractor Booz Allen Hamilton.

It was the summer of 2013, Snowden leaked information of a monolithic spying operation on US citizens. The operation was possible through cooperation with the NSA, CIA, EU partners and giant private telecommunication companies.

Snowden's story was brought to light by a journalist and documentary team in 2014. Their work is dubbed Citizenfour:

The documentary has won the 2015 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Snowden remains in exile from the US in an unknown location in Russia.


Ross Ulbricht, 34, was convicted of being the top kingpin/operator of Silk Road.

Silk Road was renowned for merchants who sold contraband, however the marketplace never allowed the sale of an item which would hurt people.

Silk Road never allowed the sale of guns, stolen credit card info, child pornography, counterfeit money, personal information, assassinations and weapons of mass destruction.

The most commonly offered goods were cannabis, heroin and LSD. The site offered secure and anonymous payment (with BTC and the Tor network) for small drug dealers to distribute products. This was the main reason people logged onto the site.

Many people never knew the light side of Silk Road, which featured merchants selling books, art, apparel and jewelry.

Ross Ulbricht is now facing a life sentence without possibility of parole for his crimes.

Arvin Vohra Is Also Pro-Cryptocurrency

Vohra's post-conviction justice will include the release of:

  • All nonviolent drug users

  • All nonviolent drug traffickers

  • All nonviolent drug kingpins

  • All people that are in jail for nonviolent Cryptocurrency-related crime

  • Anyone caught for gun possession where they did not hurt anyone

My number one goal is to end the welfare state and abolish the income tax. I’m going to be using my campaign to spread that message on the policy level, but also to help people realize there are so many ways to reduce government without changing policy, including opting out of government schools, including using cryptocurrency, including using the power of jury nullification. LINK

What Do You Think Of Arvin Vohra?

I am excited that there is a presidential candidates that cares about releasing non-violent offenders. Ulbricht just wanted to see the internet be used freely and anonymously. Snowden just wanted to expose the government for the sneaky culprits they are.

The non-violent drug users/distributors also deserve justice. Through personal research I have discovered that the war on drugs is a war on us.

I am not a US citizen but if I was (and I had to cast my vote) I would vote for Arvin Vohra.

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Sources for images (that are not mine) are provided by clicking on the image itself.

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yeah heroin never killed anyone, but Ross did try to arrange a murder for hire.

The fake murder was a year long psychological manipulating operation cornering him into taking that decision. Corrupt federal agents lied to him for months posing as several fake actors in order for him to fall in the trap. He is not a murderer. The murder was staged. He did not kill anyone. #FreeRoss

he went along with it, he thought he had murdered someone.

Buying heroin on the street killed more people than buying it on the darknet. Because you are not in contact with a potentially dangerous dealer and the junkies could get real drugs.

If it is not pure drugs that kill, but impure drugs and the mixture of drugs, then the myth of the heroin overdose can be dangerous. If users had a guaranteed pure supply of heroin which they relied on, there would be little more likelihood of toxic doses than occur with narcotics administered in a hospital. LINK

If you want to read Ulbricht's lawyer's full case in court it is here.

Also there is not only one argument to whether he arranged any murder for hire:

The often-referenced transcripts of Ulbricht allegedly ordering five murders have not been addressed by actual charges, and no evidence has been provided that the individual in those transcripts is in fact Ulbricht.
So no, Ross Ulbricht was not charged with, convicted of, or sentenced for murders-for-hire. He was charged, convicted and sentenced on the seven counts listed at the beginning of this article, and not one, nor all combined, justify a life in prison. LINK

Buying heroin on the street killed more people than buying it on the darknet.

So you admit that buying heroin on the darknet killed people, that's not harmless.

Your excerpt is correct, I agree that heroin should be legal, that's what they are talking about, not about substances purported to be heroin by criminals selling drugs on the dark web.

I can't seem to find out how the Maryland charge of procuring murder was resolved, it may still be pending.

@funbobby51 I like having a constructive argument 😉.

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