Trump Travel Ban Goes Into Effect - Thursday 29th June

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Washington has confirmed A downsized variant of President Donald Trump's travel boycott will come into effect on Thursday June 29th at 8 pm, Although it has stripped out many of the provisions that brought so many challenges and confusion at airports worldwide in January, yet it may still prove liable to create another round of court battles.  

The new rules, the result of months of legal wrangling since January, aren't so much an inside and out boycott as a fixing of the already tight US visa rules regarding natives from six Muslim nations. Refugees are also covered under the new regulations too.   

Under the temporary rules, citizens from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran and Yemen who already have visas will be allowed into the United States. But people from those countries who require new visas will now have to prove a close family relationship or an existing relationship with an entity like a school or business in the U.S.

It’s still unclear how significantly the new rules will affect travel. In most of the countries singled out, few people have the means for leisure travel. Those that do already face intensive screenings before being issued visas. 

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The list of nations mentioned themselves seem rather arbitrary...

What of Iraq... Afghanistan... Saudi Arabia?

I have nothing against the nations mentions per se - but I do find it odd that some nations get singled out while others do not.

I have to agree @pathforger. It all seem like Trump and advisors didn't really think it out at best. Worst they deliberately left some countries out for what purpose? Followed

Well Saudi Arabia shouldn't prove too much of a puzzle - as the USA and UK have both committed to large scale weapons sales (pretty much injecting war probability into the region - and almost certainly precipitating the Qatar crisis - a maneuver against Iran).

As for Afghanistan and Iraq... those remain something of a puzzle... unless the intention is to let in particular, relatively easy to direct seeds of terrorism (both are stitched-up war zones whose populations have a reason to have a beef with the USA - and I'd be surprised if the CIA presence there weren't also a factor).

Still... this is speculation...

Even so - there exists a consistency issue with this list of nations. 'Something' is up.