Make Love, Not War

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As if the brutal Freddie Gray death wasn't enough, we now have riots around the country from George Floyd's senseless death. This is amidst a pandemic we are far from over with. There are a lot of African American people in Atlanta. George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis
However, the national guard had to be called into ATLANTA. There was rioting and property destruction.

Briefly, Freddie Gray's death was far from often innocent. He was arrested in Baltimore because the police saw him carrying a knife. He was handcuffed and taken to a police van. Only the officers in that van will know what truly happen to Freddie. If memory serves there were 3 officers. Something happened in that van that caused Freddie to sustain lethal spinal cord injuries. He was taken to hospital and pronounced dead about an hour later.

George Floyd SUPPOSEDLY gave a clerk a fake $20 tender. Around a half hour later police were called and Floyd was arrested. Truth is you never know if your money is fake. Maybe Floyd didn't know it. None the less he was wrestled to the ground where a now EX POLICE officer placed so much pressure on his airways he several times stated, "I can't breathe", "Please don't kill me. "

Correct me if I am wrong but the other officers on scene did nothing. Floyd was pinned 8min 36sec and its said he was unconscious for three of those minutes. His pulse was checked and he was dead.

This is truly a tragic event. However, this doesn't give people across the nation a reason to riot. People need to continue social distancing, shelter in place, and curfews, etc. The pandemic is far from over.

I'm sure white people have suffered "police brutality" too but we never hear about it. Things have been handled wrong in this country far too long regarding how police handle minorities. The ex police officer that killed George Floyd was charged with murder and I hope he enjoys those bars. This was a senseless death.
RIP George Floyd.




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