The True Story Of The Video Of The Lady Killed By Separatists Trending Online

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I was just checking up different WhatsApp status of my friends online as a way of passing some leisure time. Then I stumbled upon a short video on one of my Friends whatsapp status showing a lady twerking vigorously near a young man who was equally excited and in high spirits.

The next status showed the same lady lying in a pool of her own blood. Murdered in cold blood. It was really an ireful and repulsive sight.

I tried to know more about the young lady from friends around but no one knew who she was, which country she was from and why she was killed.

But finally, I stumbled across a post online that revealed the true story behind this mysterious young lady and the reason behind her death.

Contrary to what I thought earlier, this lady was not a Nigerian but rather a Cameroonian. Her name is Treasure Keno, from Batibi the Northwest region of Momo Division.

She was murdered by a group referred to as the separatist fighters also known as the Amba boys in Bamenda.

According to a family friend of hers named John Wirkar, he said that Treasure dropped out of school and was living a wayward life. Some other videos showed that she was also raped before she was murdered and dumped by the roadside. The so called Ambazonia forces also dug a hole, mounted a road block and killed a driver along Akum-Bamenda Road.

It was further reported that Treasure was part of the Amba Boys before. Then recently, one of the members of the group got a privy that Treasure was a spy and that she was given out exclusive information about the group.

Before she was killed, the separatist group used words like spy, traitor, and blackleg to describe her, which were the sort of description they used while killing their victims.

Reports has it that this anglophone crisis started since 2016 and is still raging on strongly. This gang - the Amba boys - claimed that the blacklegs showed the army their families and their members which led to them losing some of their members during the course of this crisis.

On the other hand, the right groups have condemned the killing which they refer to as a violation of human rights. According to SWNOT, there should not be violence against women because women love life and their right to live should not be decided in a conflict.

It was also stated that this was not the first time the separatist fighters were killing people tagged as spies

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