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Nigeria is really blessed with a lot of things ranging from Natural Resources, Human Resources, and a whole lot more. Both our men and women are very talented and hardworking rather than solely depend on the federal government for employment, a lot of us engaged in self-employment


There are certain jobs that are considered a "Men's job" in Nigeria, this is so due to the high level of physicality involved. Jobs such as being a Commercial Driver driving big Trucks, Motorcycles, Tricycles, buses. Also being a Mechanic, or signing up for the military.

But time and over again our women are constantly proving that truly, what a man can do a woman can also do.

People who haven't been to the Northern part of Nigeria, have this wrong impression that Muslim ladies are limited to being just housewives but this is wrong and that is why these viral photos of a Muslim lady wearing a hijab and painting have come as a surprise to many

People have expressed their surprise over these photos and have also complimented the lady while praying that God blesses her handwork. See the photos below

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