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RE: The Quantum Age Of Corruption

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Already a longtime subscriber, but what the point of getting more views on a platform on which your content has been demonitized ?

Drive that massive subscriber base towards Steemit and Dtube. Mention it in each video and add links to the about section of your Youtube page. Even a nice little Steemit logo at the top and bottom of your webpage would be neat !

Be the change !!


I love the idea of using the YouTube channel to encourage movement to other platforms, but I don't appreciate these other comments demanding that they drop YouTube. It seems like they just want them to throw away a dedicated audience rather than utilizing all available options to reach the largest audience possible. You're spot on that they should try as much as possible to get people invested off of YouTube though.

STRONG comment; yet, very true.
I wonder if he knows this yet decides not too... be interesting to hear his responce.

I'm not advocating a sudden and complete withdrawal from all other social media platforms. Although demonetized, We Are Change still has a massive subscriber base on YT, and a similar size on FB. This following is a result of years of hard work, and not something that should be discarded.

When I look at the follow us section of the We Are Change website (and the about us section on the other platforms), I don't see any mention of Steemit. It would be great to see a little Steemit logo added (and perhaps even given priority) next to the likes of instagram and twitter.

Although, to be fair, if I was a web developer looking for the correct logo to add, I'd have no idea where to look. I had to dig and scratch to find the one above. It needs to be easier.