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RE: Bali volcano update & fundraising progress report: Solar kits coming soon 🌞

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I shouldn't laugh but, really? "Creating toilets has been a huge part of the relief mission"

Joking aside, Good luck, this post has been upvoted and resteemed. I just wish I could do more though


Perhaps I could have worded it a bit different! But 150,000 people gotta crap somewhere :)

Many thanks for your support. Even just the up & resteem helps 🙏🏻

Post was edited so as to not offend.
O-kay. You were joking around. I will edit my post out since it seemed to offend you. Sorry for spoiling your laugh.

Lighten up. The sentence was amusing, and being someone interested in humanitarian logistics I know how important it all is. Why reply to my comment telling me waste management is important etc??? We joke about things all the time, but it doesn't take away how we feel about the World and how much we want to help others. I lend money on Zidisha so people can borrow and use that money to improve their own lives. The only reason I am not volunteering overseas to physically help people is because I have a blood clot putting pressure on my heart (I did actually look into helping out in a brave moment but there are too many organisations treating it as a business and I cannot afford thousands of Pounds). I have almost died a number of times so I am going to laugh at things and try to also get other people laughing too because when we stop laughing then we become nothing in my view.

In the wiser words of Brian "Always look on the bright side of life"!

And now it is morning and have slept a little since posting these particular words they are even funnier than they were last night!

I have a daily relief mission routine which usually involves a cup of black coffee ;)

Post was edited. My apologies.

Missed that. I am sure all is fine.

Many thanks for your support here :)