Colin Kaepernick & Meek Mill Match Million Dollar Pledge Donations

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Colin Kaepernick has donated over $900,000 to over 30 different organizations so far and is close to ending his $1 million dollar pledge. Last week the former 49ers Quarter Back explained on social media how he will distribute the final $100,000 with the help of some of his celebrity friends.

As stated by Colin, the final donations will be in the form of a 10-day approach, in which he will donate $10,000 to an organization in which a celebrity friend will match. For example, rapper Meek Mill & Colin Kaepernick have pledged today to donate $10,000 each to the Philadelphia Youth Service Inc.

"Despite my brother’s current circumstances, he continues to stay involved and connected in the community of his hometown of Philly," Kaepernick said, per TMZ Sports. "I’ve spoken to Meek several times since his incarceration and during one of these calls, is when he pledged...we’re both donating $10,000 each for a combined $20,000 to Philadelphia’s Youth Service Inc."

Additionally to Meek Mill's pledge, Colin Kaepernick has also already teamed up with Golden State Warriors All-Stars Kevin Durant & Steph Curry, and partnered up with Snoop Dogg & Serena Williams, who have donated $25,000 to "Mothers Against Police Brutality."

Colin plans to reveal his tenth and final $10,000 donation later on this week, thereby concluding his $1 million dollar pledge to organizations that work in suppressed communities, which he began in September 2016.

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Nice your posting..

very good blog

its great to see him do all this charities despite his troubles , this is what we call true service to humanity, he deserve some praise for what he is doing to the less fortunate

its very nice to hear ..

thanks, happy today

Thats cool of them

These guys got a big heart. I love this. I have always admired Philanthropic works and donations. Its a joy learning bout this. Maybe someday I can also stand on their shoes and do same, and even more. Thanks for sharing this with us @carloscaz

Quute interesting and challenging content yiu managed to provide. I must think of the ideas and there are a few things i kind of do not totally agree. Very interesting facts briught to my knowledge.

Always great to see people doing those kinds of things! Reminds me of this Reddit guy who donated millions of dollars to people recommending charities in the comments. Pineapple foundation if people wanna check it out. I think he is still donating money on his webpage!

Colin Kaepernick definitely belongs in the NFL based on his skill set, black lives matters is a joke though. All lives matter. Everyone should already know that all lives matter, its 2018 and we shouldn't need to even mention it.


you just did mention it....

Kaepernick7 Colin Kaepernick tweeted @ 29 Jan 2018 - 12:02 UTC

Despite my brother @meekmill’s current circumstances, he continues to stay connected in the community of Philly. He……

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It's good to be kind.
Thanks for the blog.

Thank you for sharing this article. Upvoted by @cryptoryno33

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They should donate to Bitshares through the Billion Heroe Campaign! Bitshares is on a mission to turn a million into a billion and use the money for natural disaster recovery.

Great article, people should try to complete the target of this donation.

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so nice


That's very good of him. Its great thing to give back to the community. We need more people in this world who are willing and ready to extend a helping hand to others.

A man can be this generous yet still get constantly dragged by media and people who once claimed to be his fans... Unbelievable. I'm silently rooting for Kaepernick just so I can see the sweet look on his face when he says I told you so and the haters return to their caves.

Thank you for sharing

Your post is great.
Very few people think that's good.

doing it big when you can back up your words no one can hate

Really cool

This is way cool. thanks for posting this

he is good, loves to share and care. it should be seen more.

SO cool to see people donating big time.

It's great seeing 'these sons' of bitches" committing themselves to a world without prejudice. Challenging our norms and questioning our patriotism. Thank you Colin Kapernick for your service to humanity.

By doing this the organization they are donating the money to are already progressing. I just pray we still have more celebrities to contribute.because they are really helping the lives of the youths all over the world

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