Not surprising information at all. I love that more and more studies are showing the positive effects of marijuana.

Yeah! I was giving my dog high-cbd low-thc oil several years ago for ACL/joint pain and it helped him so much!

You should make sure whatever brand you’re getting has the amount of cbd that the label says it has. The easiest way to tell this is by asking the company for their lab test results of the product. As far as your dog not responding, you have to experiment with dosage to get it correct. Animals are no different from people when it comes to cbd.

Technically, cbd products are prohibited on Amazon, though there are still some products that sneak on there from time to time. Make sure what you have bought or are buying there actually has cbd.

they have been selling CBD for dogs at my dog food store for a while. That's pretty great, probably no one ever considered medicinal access cards for dogs.

It can help them with anxiety too. Just like people! :)

yup, they had one formula for cancer and another for anxiety.

surprising information thanks for sharing

Not surprising

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