I doubt McCain was a Republican, although not sure where his affiliations were. His staff petitioned the IRS to flag and deny conservative organizations (tea-party etc.) their legal right for donor deductions. How could so many people forget the Keating 5? Paaah. I'm waiting for the release of unredacted FISA document used to snoop. May God rest his troubled soul.

I will never forget this: I was an Arizona resident in the early 2000s. In GWBs first term, GWB was trying to get congress to vote for tax cuts (which I use to this day!). I wrote to my US Senator MCCain to please vote in favor of the Bush tax cuts. I got back from his office a bunch of xeroxed clippings from the left wing Brookings Institute opposing tax cuts. From a “Republican” Senator! McCain was nicknamed by opposition “Chameleon” for good reason. He only considered polls for his positions.

When I heard John McCain passed I was so saddened and I could barely stand seeing him leave this world without standing trial for treason. This peace of shit should have rot in prison for the rest of his life after what he did in Vietnam but instead they used his cowardly deeds as blackmail to control him like the good puppet he was, the world is such a better place with this coward sellout scum dead. So with that being said R.I.H John McCain. And that's Rest In Hell not Heaven.

yup, most of the anti Trump blather is just misdirection.

About halfway through Greenwald’s book, “No Place to Hide,” I stopped right there. What I just read was enough to get me out of statism. The spy agencies, I knew, from reading earlier in the book, certainly have been into Apple, Facebook, Google, and so 9n, but they also gave EBI data to the US Chamber of Commerce. Meaning - the chamber of commerce feeds back industrial espionage of foreign competitors to Facebook, Google, Apple, et al to same. You can guess the rest: in exchange for planting government spooks in those same companies to violate our individual liberties. Long-winded, but that logic works for me. I invest in big companies in stock mutual funds, and yes I profit off of this scam. Not sure if I will have a third bourbon tonight... what does this have to do with MCCain and war mongering? Plenty. The wars are about 1) profits for big companies and 2) to take away more of our freedoms. MCCain served well for those interests. Fuck MCCain.

I totally agree that the mainstream media has gone gaga with its tributes to McCain.
While McCain deserves respect as a Vietnam veteran and longtime lawmaker, he doesn't deserve canonization. His record of public service is a mixed bag of success and failure, weighing heavily on the side of oppressive government in the name of security.
The world already has a St John. It doesn't need another one.

Pretty insane people are venerating a war criminal because he floundered but ultimately toed the line on a few particular votes against Trump.

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