Just because people are posting video's of themselves burning their shoes rather than giving them away, does not equal "most" Americans are doing so. Media is deceptive and narrative/trend driven. Myself, for example, I stopped buying NIKE years ago due to the sweat shops they opened all over Malaysia, Thailand etc...This Kaepernick thing they're doing is for PR. Sure the stock will fall a little bit but in the long run people will see the "swoosh", and remember their new ad's and think NIKE really cares. None of these multinational companies care about anything more than sales/profits. Thinking people know this but their target audience are not thinking people.

All the virtue signalling value of donating to the homeless is exhausted. There's no attention to be had that way. Upload footage of your indignant burning of your own property though, and there's some attention on offer.
It's like those kids cutting off their fingers (and other things) when Trump got in.
You need to be more and more extreme to get any of that finite attention.
These are people with all the depth and wisdom of a school shooter; painfully aware of their terminal relevance deficiency.

this guy gets "it"

great & impressive

Hi careywedler, this writing indeed an untold story about NIKE. I had no idea what nike is doing over the years...

A fruity bunch to say the least. They never give an inkling of thought that maybe some of these football players had grandparentds and great grandparents who fought in Wars for America and died and many got maimed only to go back and they still could not vote or drink from the same water fountain.

They should think about stuff like this. It's called having Empathy and putting yourselves in someone else's shoes. Something the Right seems to lack.

Thanks for sharing @careywelder

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I know several vets that are dependent on the VA for their health care. They report inadequate care is endemic. I believe them, and further, that government has repeatedly proven to fail vets, for example when Hooverville was crushed, the formation of the Bonus Army that spawned it, the disaffection of Benedict Arnold that impelled his treachery, and so on.

The short term interests of politicians eventually prove contrary to the interests of the government they spawn, as the eventual collapse of Rome through such mechanisms as neglecting it's veterans, debasing it's currency, and catering to the parasitic class of it's civilian population - exactly as we observe is happening in America today, and has in virtually every other failed empire known to recorded history.

'Mene, mene, tekel upharsin.' Writing on the wall.

My own position is that if we are fortunate burgeoning technology will potentiate a post-imperial society that is inevitably going to ensue upon the collapse of the American empire to flourish.

That's not up to Nike, conservatives, or government. It's up to us to adopt and prepare nominal technology for that event. Your own journalism is an example of that very technology to decentralize information distribution.


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