Every government will - in time - erode itself. After that it will start to erode big business. There are two options:

  • ad hoc - by moving business to another country;
  • permanent - by establishing anarcho-capitalism in place of government; this process will probably need some kind of "a strike of minds" - like in "Atlas Shrugged" Ayn Rand

it makes you think!

I think this collaboration is good for the company well fair and this will be good for their future success
What you think??

you are think

Providing servers to the government isn't that big of a deal. Amazon does that for many people. Them not taking a moral stance against what the government is doing doesn't really mean anything. Expecting a company to take a moral stance against something is downright stupid.

Companies are immoral. As in without morals. They are not people. Of course, they are made up of tons of people, but the reason they're formed is for the people to avoid consequences. They're just signing their piece of paper, and letting the monster's gears continue to move.

So a bit ass company is letting a government do things that it wants to do. Because companies are basically psychotic, you have to make it in their best interest to do whatever it is that you want or don't want them to do. I can only hope that this is enough to make Amazon think that going against the government's evil plans is in it's best interest.

The main problem is the government. Like WTF! They're becoming like the evil villain in one of the most boring books ever. It's like War and Peace level boring as fuck. We need to fucking do something. Yet, what do we do? We have to get some old boring fucks to actually start doing their fucking jobs.

Yeah, I mean any time you have an overbloated govt, you will have companies and individuals taking advantage and reaping the benefits of tax dollars. The resistance worked at Google, so hoping there can be a similar effect here.

Highly rEsteemed!

A VERY Interesting set of Circumstances. I doubt it will have any impact on Amazon but it's intriguing to consider that so many employees would turn on Amazon over this latest Media frenzy about the border... you'd think these people would have stood up sooner to protest against The Ministry Of Truth (Amazon). Strange that it took the border scandal for them to grow Spines... hmmmm. Thank you and SteemON!

And thanks for the resteem!

Yeah, it's unfortunate that it's taken too long for employees to say something (and I'm sure many are towing the partisan line), but I still prefer that to nothing at all. :)

Best thing to do is to quit buying from Amazon!

Nice to see people standing up.

Four typos:

  • “Stop selling facial recognition services to law enforcement
  • “Stop providing infrastructure to Palantir and any other Amazon partners who enable ICE.
  • under attack by this administration.We stand in support

And for alternatives to the likes of Amazon:

Amazon is basically controlled by the CIA via Jeff Bezzos. So no wonder they will cooperate with these Federal corporations called DHS, ICE etc etc - which are scamming the American people.

Please have a look at this also:


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