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Relevance: Exposing censorship.

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Exactly, censorship is just another way of saying "I hate what you're saying, shut up!". Funny how it works :)

We should put "Censorship is hate speech" on a tee shirt! :)

Well argued and expressed.
Regardless of where we sit on the political spectrum, we all need to assess the veracity of everything we are told -- even when it's coming from "our side."
If everyone took that responsibility, regulation of free speech would not be necessary, and lies would die for lack of believers.

Keep advocating Carey.

Good video Carey. Thank you for speaking out on this topic. Whatever the reason or reasons that have been cited for taking Alex down on these various platforms, this just goes to show that if it can happen to him which a lot of people predicted he would be first or at least in the first wave, then it can happen to anyone.

You are very talented in your videos

I'm surprised President Trump hasn't intervened. He appeared on Alex Jones show and called Alex to thank him after the election.

very video in dtube in this day
thank you @careywedler for sharing
I am a new follower for you

Divide and conquer. Free speech is protected, so it was incorporated and made into property. Alex sucks but this is freaky...

Yeah and certain companies also banned crypto ads. It's a public company but still if you don't agree with these bans the thing to do is buy shares so you can voice your opinion as a shareholder.

Intresting topic. But i feel like banning infoWars its not that bad. All they did was inventing random cospiracy theories and take advantage on people that actually belived them. I dont mind someone having a diffrent opinion but at least lets keep the facts in the discution. Water that makes you gay isnt a real thing so if i disagree ,you cant say i dont respect free speech or i dont let other people have other opinions.

take advantage on people that actually believed them

it's up to the individual to believe in something or not. By your logic we should shut down all the churches, because they make people believe things that don't exist, or at least there is no tangible proof of them. Word "fact" in most cases, is just a word that describes some event that most agree on. Unless you're touching something, unless you're there and seeing it with your own eyes, everything is a hearsay, not a fact, unless you believe it's a fact.

©Of course, that's just my opinion and I could be wrong :)

awesome shirt! I like the meaning!

The Real Reason Why Alex Jones is being censored!


Patriots plan to arrest Hillary, Obama, Bushes, Mueller, Rosenstein & more!

Please help us restore our Republic!

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