knowledgeable post to everyone.keep it up..

Those other things aren't on my TV though. Roseanne's on my TV, so she's real.

Lol behind every media hype is something they need to distract you from! Trump has been a master of the slight of hand and has used Twitter so well to get his job done and push his agendas and the republican agendas! Regardless of what’s good or bad for the country I have to say the dude came in and got shit done! Now arguing on the impact is a whole other story all in saying is ombama jusy spoke a lot during his term but jn terms of actual tasks completed his administration seems like it’s lazy compared to this trump one going in guns blazing ringing in changes! I didn’t even know a government can work this much they usually sitting around waiting for the next campaign rally in 4 years

Hi Carey. Thank you for bringing our attention back to all the harm being done to the world and it's people while we whistle past the graveyard. I actually used Rosanne as the back story to a post about taking responsibilty for our actions.

I like the tone and purpose of your content. I see you don't follow many people but I'm going to add you to my feed. Thanks.

I have a similar complaint about sports fans. I'm not saying they shouldn't watch sports at all. But it would be nice if sports fans devoted a fraction of that energy for sports attention to say, filing a Freedom of Information Act request with an agency of their choice.

Just imagine what could be learned if millions of sports fans decided to make collecting, collating and sharing government information a hobby. Gosh, the government might actually be accountable. Or at least they might reel it in (whatever it is) due to scrutiny.

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