Why Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Was Unmitigated Genius

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Historians will look back on Trump’s pick of Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court and declare it to be one of the most brilliant, powerful, and decisive political moves of his entire presidency—oh, and Kavanaugh will probably not be confirmed.

Yes, this is quite an audacious claim, especially in light of the fact that we will likely have another 6+ years of brilliant moves from Trump. I stand by it, however, because it is that incredibly genius. Let’s take a closer look at this ‘4D chess’ move.

As I said, Kavanaugh will probably NOT be confirmed. He was not chosen to be confirmed. Trump would much rather wait until after the Red Wave gives him more power, to then make an even more seismic and lasting choice for the Court. In the mean time, however, he can play his favorite game of ‘dope on the ropes.’

Trump will allow the Democrats to punch themselves out, and squander what little political capital and credibility they have left—giving them a Pyrrhic victory. They may succeed in blocking Kavanaugh, only to lose the midterms spectacularly. Then, when Trump has even more power to select a relatively young, conservative defender of the constitution, and probably a woman, the liberals will go totally apeshit.

As shrewd and masterful as this move already is, we haven’t even got to the best part. The most brilliant part of Trump’s strategy, and why it can genuinely be called a 4D chess move, has to do with finally shining light on 9/11, and the criminal deep state, by forcing Congress and the press to look critically at the 2001 Bush White House, where Kavanaugh was Bush's Senior Associate Counsel.

A recent Fox News interview featured a 9/11 victim’s widow criticizing Mueller for covering up aspects of 9/11, in his capacity as the head of the FBI at the time. This was foreshadowing of what is to come.

Trump has already allowed Mueller plenty of time to discredit and exhaust himself. It is coming time for Trump to stop playing dope, and step from the ropes, take the gloves off, and hit back so hard they won’t even know what hit them. That’s what he actually just did. They just don’t know it yet.

Kavanaugh’s 9/11 history, Mueller’s 9/11 history, the Red Wave, and the Great Awakening are ALL coming together into a concrescent crescendo just in time for the 17th anniversary of 9/11.

The stage is being set for the hammer to drop. The pile of sealed indictments are now over 40K, and continue to grow by 5K+ every month. At this pace, they will number over 50,000 by September. What we are looking at now is simply preparation of public sentiment for when that hammer does finally drop.

Trump said on Twitter, then again repeated the sentiment in his speech announcing Kavanaugh: ‘I have long heard that the most important decision a U.S. President can make is the selection of a Supreme Court Justice.’ This was the bait he dangled for the Fake News, DNC, deep state swamp.

The bait has two components:
1.) ‘I have long heard’ —This appeals, reminds, and reinforces the gaslit delusion that Trump is stupid, inexperienced, and looks for outside validation. He is gaslighting them.

2.) ‘...that the most important decision a U.S. President can make is the selection of a Supreme Court Justice’ —This is the matador’s red ‘muleta.’ By appearing to attach his ego to this nomination, Trump has created the most irresistible target for the liberal media to attack. They won't be able to resist. By pretending it is important to him, he has effectively made it incredibly important to them.

Masterful baiting of the enemy. They will reliably go all-in on attacking Kavanaugh, and end up digging up dirt on the deep state cabal, in the process. This is what happened with Mueller, too. They are so intent to attack Trump that they end up proving their own guilt.

This time around the whipping post, however, is different. Official 9/11 Disclosure is the political event of a lifetime. It will only happen once. This is the third rail that the Democrats are about to blindly throw themselves on, in the flailing convulsions of their Trump derangement disorder.

Let's look at the Big Picture context:

— 9/11 Disclosure
— 40K+ Sealed Indictments
— The Red Wave
— The Financial Reset
— The Great Awakening

Kavanaugh is an integral prelude within the great geopolitical symphony that is playing out during the latter half of 2018. He’s not so much a potential Justice, but rather a beam of weaponized Light. A beam that will play Democrats like a laser plays a cat—more like a bull in a china shop of delicate criminal deception we call the deep state. They can’t help but destroy themselves.

When you look at this whole big picture, and how it all fits together in full 4 dimensional strategic brilliance, it is hard not to laugh. It is, after all, an absurdist comedy. Ah, what sweet Apocalyptic schadenfreude.

Oh, I almost forgot. Brett Kavanaugh also happens to have been the one who lead the investigation into the 'suicide' of Clinton aide Vince Foster. Are you beginning to see how fun this is going to be? Enjoy the show!


Fascinating read. Thank you.

Fascinating read, as always. Thank you @c-change

I think this is really well written, and in truth I both hope that the basic thrust is correct, and it mostly accords with my own assessment. I would have preferred if you could have sourced the various claims, citations and ideas you present here, so that I could follow up your chain of reasoning to substantiate, support, or properly critique. Sourcing and citation isn’t always essential, but for a piece like this referring directly to current unfolding events it would offer a foundation for readers less familiar or sympathetic with your claims. Nicely done though, I look forward to reading more of your work. Db

Thank you for your generous feedback. Yes, I agree, it would be helpful to some if I included citations, or outgoing links. Unfortunately, I have an aversion to citations, probably stemming from my disillusionment with academia.

A quick Google search will confirm any fact I mentioned.

As for my speculation as to Trumps motives, to use the selection as a strategic chew toy for the Dems, and an excuse for others to re-examine the 9/11 cover-up, I can point only to the rumors that this is the year the hammer drops.

There is some symbolism backing this up:
Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. It is also the shape of JFK’s grave when viewed from above. 17 also has great occult significance. It has been noted that Trump has been given at least one team jersey with the number ‘17’ on it (conspicuously not number 45, which would have been customary).

The fact that the Q movement is reaching criticality just before the 17th anniversary of 9/11, and that Trump posed for a photo with his top military commanders, with 9 of them on one side and 11 of them on the other, all combines in my mind as an indication that the truth about the deep state’s crimes is finally coming out.

As for convincing anyone of anything, I’m not interested. I’m not about arguing, nor do I like hand holding. I only care to give my read as to the way I see the wind blowing.

The beauty of occult symbolic communication is that it allows the sheeple to pretend they don’t see anything, if they don’t want to see it. They can keep believing whatever they want to believe. My writings are much the same. They allow liberals to laugh them off as merely delusional conspiracy theorizing, with nothing backing them up. Let them laugh, is my philosophy. They will be crying soon enough.

I fully appreciate your response here, but as this is a public forum I will follow up on a couple of points that occurred as I read.

I understand your ‘citation aversion from academic disillusionment’ - I share it to some degree. When an opinion piece is being formed in freeflow in particular the academic approach can stultify and stagnate what is essentially a stream of consciousness harvesting relevant material from a lifetime of absorbtion. That said – the writer themselves can then do a ‘quick Google search’ (or preferable right now, DuckDuckGo!) and guide their reader to relevancy, when so much that is irrelevant is likely to arise. I would have appreciated that guidance from you, I suspect an unguided search would be significantly less worthwhile.

Q symbolism – fully concur. It has been pointed out that the ‘team jersey’ 17 instance actually referred to the number of championships won by that team, but even so, the synchronicity is notable too.

Quite agree that ‘convincing anyone’ is a futile exercise – and I would add that it also tends to ride roughshod over legitimate concerns of personal sovereignty. However – there are many people now (I would intuit perhaps the vast majority) who are quite simply lost and do not really know what to think for themselves at all – beneath the superficial views they have swallowed undigested from the global meme pool. Presenting viable alternative views concerning the nature and context of the current human situation does not have to be an issue of persuasion – it can be a gift, freely given, to be accepted or rejected as each individual finds suits them. As such the onus is simply to be honest, thorough and authentic, and let the pieces fall as they may. This – to me – is a legitimate and ‘efficient’ use of the ‘powers of persuasion’, and it is well not to throw out the baby with the proverbial bathwater.

Yes, the ‘liberals’ as you call them (I would call them authoritarians) will indeed dismiss so much of this subject as delusional conspiracy theory – they will cling to their beliefs as long as they can. And soon they will be crying, and many of them falling apart. I am dreading this. They are our brothers and sisters and they have been terribly damaged. We will have much work to do.

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