--> Pregnant Mother Walks 8 Days In -35 Degrees To Deliver Her Child

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This is a perfect story to make us all realize the comforts that we are getting from the all-mighty. The story is from the Himalayan region of Ladakh which seems to have happened in early 2014 as per DailyMail

l4.jpg Family members carried supplies for the 8 day trek like this

Due to lack of infrastructure, this family had to walk through some of the toughest conditions on the planet, in winters, for 45 miles or 70km. It took them 8 days and involved walking through snow, ice and on the frozen Zanskar river.

The nearest hospital was 8 days away by walk but that did not deter this local Ladakhi family. Temperatures easily drop to as low as -30 degree Celsius in winters. No internet, no mobile, no civilization - nothing!

I will let the images do the talking here - these were shot by a tourist, Tim Vollmer from Iceland, who was on the famous 'Chadar Trek' which involves walking on the frozen river. All image credits go to DailyMail UK / Caters News Agency

l2.jpgThe precious little one : he/she must be almost 4 years old now :)

l3.jpgFamily members couldnt leave the sibling behind - this is how they carried him/her

l7.jpgThey took night shelter in mountain caves and lit up fire for warmth

l8.jpgAt times, they had to be careful with the luggage so as not to drop it into the icy waters

This is how they packed the little bundle of joy

If this post seems inspirational to you, thank god for all that he has given you and your family. There are people out there living in harsh conditions and fighting it out every single day. And re-steem this so that others in your network can get inspired as well. Thanks for reading, and the vote :)

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Woah! This is something about Ladakh that is never highlighted. We just showcase the rides, promote tourism but never have I came across something like this. Thanks, sir!
Just curious how they didn't bump into our army. They would have surely helped the family.


Good question there - Army is not too common on this route as this route is away from the border area. My 2 cents


Oh! that figures. Love your writing style btw!

Very inspiring story . Makes me grateful for all I have when I read a story like this . Thank you for posting . 😊 followed and upvoted.


Thanks @stevecoin77 : followed you back as well sir

A mother will do anything for her child. God bless her


Well said

Oh boy, I can’t imagine! The conditions are bad enough, but then add that she was 9 months pregnant! Reminds me of how fortunate I was to give birth to my baby girl in the comfort of my home with no complications.


True. My respect for people of Ladakh went up ten times after knowing about this case