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RE: Sheriff Makes Ominous Video Bragging About Using a Small Army to Bust Kids With Weed

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Well, police do not go after the real criminals. That would be dangerous. And also, very difficult because you would have to do some real investigative work.

Busting pot smokers is easy. The evidence is right there, and they are all mellow and won't resist. Plus, sentencing is easy due to the drug laws.

Further, most of the real crime has police working or running it. So, don't want to interfere with that.

How lucky would police have to be to almost ALWAYS bust a drug deal just after the drugs left, but before the money left? Its almost as if it was planned.

50% of homicides aren't even investigated. Almost 0% of burglaries are investigated.

And a word to any police officer reading this.
You live at the mercy of the people you (supposedly) work for. As long as you have their support, you are good and safe. If they ever turn against you. Even 2%. You are outnumbered and out gunned. And the politicians will send you to your deaths.


Good cops have a tough job, but these idiots are just living out some weird fantasy. They want to pretend they are soldiers fighting in some foreign theater when really they completely out number and out gun anyone they might come in contact with in their area of operations. It is like a kid playing Call of Duty, safe at home behind a T.V screen. But if these assholes ever came up against say, some Russian Spetsnaz units on a real battle in Eastern Europe or some hardened Hezbollah fighter in Lebanon they would be eaten alive.

I get your point, but when does it stop. Really these people are called civil servants. We pay them. I think we have a lot more control and responsibility than we want to admit. It is not enough to keep saying "Oh what a shame". Every day all day another horror story about a fellow human or animal suffering untold and unwarranted abuse. Are we so divided, we can't even feel anymore? When do we get tired of being afraid to do anything but mind our own business and hope we are not next. I am thinking of running for office in my little town. Never thought I would even consider it. At least I'll have a better idea of what is going on and who cares about what. It doesn't take much to step out of yourself for a second. Your own environment, neighbors, family, and the living things around you could use a moment of your time unless you live in a fantasy that self gratification will keep you safe and happy. Just one little step. Be safe, be well.

The problem is that you have been lied to your whole life.

They were never your civil servants.
You are not a signer, or their posterity, to the Constitution for The United States.
You are a tax cattle. You are claimed as cow would be claimed because its inside the area you control.

The police work for the policy. Its in their title.
They do not work for me or you. They work for the govern-cement.
And, as all police states have gone, they are the first to die.
Because, they are the bloody end of the spear.

The police are here to serve and protect their masters.

If they actually worked for us, we would be able to fire all the bad apples.
We would be able to tell them to start searching for criminals, instead of spending their time writing speeding tickets.

I am not sure who you are, or who you think you are. You should try to find a ladder and climb down off your ego, and my back. I appreciate your contribution to the conversation.

Also, voting for yourself doesn't do anything for you until you get above 2¢
No payout at 1 penny.

It is also consider impolite to vote for yourself. The system works better if you vote for everyone else, and everyone else votes some for you too.

There has been lots of discussion over it. But, right now, your vote won't get a payout.

I voted for you to. Not to self aggrandize but to desperately stay in a conversation that is important to me. Thanks for your support.

I do not take any offense at it. Just wanted you to know that it is a thing on steemit. Both, that there are people that look down on self voting (especially comments) and that there is a minimum amount required for payout.

If "payout" is the most important part of your contribution than have at it.

Oh hey just randomly browsing posts and saw this comment, didn't actually know it was a faux-pas to upvote your own work or that there was a minimum for pay-out. Thanks for the info good sir!

There is a scale.

There are purists that only vote for other's content.
Then there are the majority who vote for their own blogs, but not their own comments.
Then there are the hated, who vote for only their own comments on unvisited posts just to get the rewards and offer nothing to the platform.

There are lots of posts discussing this.

Good luck, consider purchasing facebook or instagram ad space when running, it's affordable especially if you are only reaching a small town. I too have been contemplating this town pop of 15k. The only change starts at the bottom.

Wtf weed is a plant if u set it on fire it had some effects 🎄🔥

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