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David Hogg goes on CBS (contrived bullshxx) and says how horrible the shooting was and how the shooter was not liked in his school. And I looked him up on you tube and he's a Shill !! It doesn't prove it was another fake shooting, but its starting to smell. Look up David Hogg on you tube, He is affiliated with CBS and nominate him for a grammy.


it was terrible

whether this really happened, if it is true that the perpetrators will bear the consequences, that's for sure

Maybe it's just trace removal, but every evil and falsehood will be revealed, this takes patience

h014, s0y 31 b0t d3 @luiscordon, y0 r3g410 upv0t3s

Thank you very much for the information my friend. Good luck always for you @brotherdave.

whether you are a dog-like animal lover. I see you are always talking about dogs. oh yeah my friend has made some new post hope you like it

the government and the police must act faster, so that this does not deteriorate @brothedave

That's terrible my friend. Thanks for sharing! 100% Upvote! Following you

That's terrible my friend.

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