So you don’t believe in GOD? Explain this!

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For thousands of years, doubters have questioned the true existence of GOD and accepting Jesus Christ as his ONLY son. Throughout history man has seen and experienced unimaginable things that provide no other explanation other than the presence of the all mighty GOD himself.

Aldi Novel Adilang, a 19-year-old from Sulawesi, worked as a lamp keeper on a floating fish trap, known locally as rompong, located 125km out at sea.

The teenager was employed to light the rompong’s lamps, designed to attract the fish, and according to his father had done the job since he was sixteen. When heavy waves and winds snapped his tether ropes, he was send adrift from Indonesia towards Guam and was lost at sea for a staggering 49 days! I mean wrap your mind around this people, most of us can’t even make it 4 days without a cell phone let alone no food or water and completely isolated from every other human on earth. What a horrific experience for any human being let alone a 19 yr old kid.
Looking at this map and how far he drifted off without another boat seeing him for a month and a half is unimaginable let alone the fact that he had to catch his own food, filter his water, burn his boat for cooking and stay sane in a situation where the chance for survival in nearly ZERO!
After at least 10 ships had gone by but failed to stop it would be easy for anyone to break down and just accept the fact that they are shark food but, not this kid.
He luckily brought two very important things with him out to sea. The first item was a radio to send a signal that he received as a gift from a friend and the other was the Holy Bible. After 49 long days and most likely a million prayers to GOD he was found and rescued to a hospital in Japan for recovery. He has now been reunited with his family in Indonesia.
Many times in life we hear stories like this where we would give a person zero chance to live and somehow by some miraculous intervention the story has a happy ending. How can this be? Is this kid just more lucky than the rest of us who would have perished? NO! His divine faith in the Lord and a several thousand year old book called the Bible is the only explanation to me. Many times in life humans will be dealt hardships that the rest of us can’t even fathom. When these rough patches hit your life....Believe in JESUS......he is the way and the life....and the ONLY way to heaven.


Thank you @broncnutz for this lovely post.....highlighting the Good News of Christ Jesus.

If you do not mind I shall add the verse of John 3.16.....from the original Greek of the New Testament.

'For God loved the world (mankind) so much that He sent His uniquely born Son (Jesus Christ) that anyone who believes in Him shall not perish....but have eternal life.'

It is faith alone in Christ alone for salvation.

Thank you for the opportunity to think on these things.


Well said!! :) "I am the way, the truth, the life, no man come unto the Father but by me." I am so happy he is home safe, and what an incredible experience. Most likely it will be made into a movie. Hopefully Hollywood doesn't ruin it.

Whether a person believes in god or not when something bad happens what do people say, OH MY GOD or OMG

Hehehe!!! Very true.

@broncnutz Jesus is our saviour and i Believe in him... Faith is everything.. what a great post.. really appreciate it...

Great story,amen.

I share your post in twitter.

This story is insane and you are right, only our Godly Father could keep this boy alive and this is the only way for God to show us He is real, He controls it all and He is the Life, by showing us these amazing miracles.

Thank you @broncnutz for sharing this amazing story and the Godly miracles.

A very beautiful and the deep theme, believe in our God our creator. It would be very interesting, if we all-star writing more about this beautiful theme, we need of his love. Ther pure and unique love of our God.

Good night, sweet dreams! :D

I think he had more luck and desire to live than anything else, which must have been a horrible experience but that survived thanks to his strength and determination

This is a true miracle I believe in God above all things, with God all without nothing, even if we do not see God is with all of us in any corner he sees us and he listens to us all that sometimes we despair because what we do does not happen we want them to pass, but he sends us tests to see if we resist them and then we thank him because at last the request comes, God I love you infinitely

Yes. I belive in God . He is all mighty.

Nothing can explain the sun ☀️ the stars ⭐️ and how the world 🌎 got here, man sure couldn't create it! Just cause you can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

Here's some science about the Sun for you kids:

i believe in Jesus Christ and i will never stop believing in JESUS Christ.when i am sick he heals me!when i fall he picks me up!I am in love with Jesus Christ.

God is true, There is no doubt about it. But his own actions are responsible for saving and killing human beings. This boy had good deeds with it.

I rather die believing that their is a GOD,which I do.then be disappointed in the end.than to die an atheist,then to find out the hard way that their is a GOD. when it's to late an you're in a lake of fire for eternal life.hopefully you'll dwell on that.God bless!

Well said sir!

Hi, broncnutz , Man never create any thing , just invent the things from God Creation !
Agreed with this?

I don’t believe in god only because there is no evidence to support it, but I will respect everyone’s beliefs but also just because someone believes in something else doesnt give you a right to call them evil or other unnecessary hurtful words.

The evidence is in the knowledge of the true self, seeking for the knowledge of yourself, there is no other evidence than that. The Psy-ence will never find something in the physicial domain which can explain the presence of god, because is a force of infinity power, look for the material of Walter Russell and Nikola Tesla. Greetings!

The shroud of Turin is plenty enough evidence foe me! 😁

Really a touching story. There is God, we either believe or not, at the end of the day it is a choice. I believe in God and Christianity 100% @broncnutz.



This story is tuch my hart . Really amazing story sir . Many many thanks for sharing this story @broncnutz

If the claim he was adrift for 49 days is true he obviously had food and drinking water. Otherwise the story just doesn't add up.

This story is such great!
I and all my huge family believe in Jesus Christ!

This is a mesage from God's where we can found that there is no doubt about god existence!

Man live and die with their karma . Luck is matter in every thing .

God is always there Everytime to help and rescue those that beleives and put there trust in him. There is God and he is our Creator @broncnutz

This lucky guy.I totally belive in ALLAH.ALLAH save this guy.ALLAH is so powerful.ALLAH creates everything.ALLAH always help peoples..ALLAH loves the peoples.

Now all will bealive in god.

This is a very long journey. In which the person has not left the courage to you. And lives saved

Sea water can be filtered?

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Luck was with this boy .

God is in everything, and that made us like him: co-creators of this reality.

Awesome pics

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World is a miracle we all see god when we are in danger

It's sad that in this age of knowledge people still believe in an all powerful creature. Eventually the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim God (all the same thing) will be seen as a myth just like the Greek and Norse Gods, unfortanetly not in our lifetime. It's pathetic that some people let religion run their life

So this kid was just lucky?

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