Is Julian Assange a Good or Bad Guy? I’m torn.....

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I was wondering what everyone’s opinion is about the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in Ecuador. He’s been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy located in the UK under heavy surveillance for the past 7 years. The UK private police force busted in on him and he is apparently awaiting extradition to the USA where he will most likely face severe lifelong charges and sent to a Federal Supermax prison.
I have mixed feelings about Julian Assange. On one hand I see him as a devious computer hacker who has exposed some of America’s National secrets that could compromise our security. On the other hand I see him as a national hero for exposing the Clintons and Podesta Brothers and the criminal activity they engaged in as per the Wikileaks email dumps. How would we even know how sick and corrupt some people are without the type of hack? If not for Julian Assange, Hillary Clinton would 100% for sure be President right now and just the thought of that is repulsive, and in my opinion, dangerous for all of the World. That being said.....President Trump said today that WikiLeaks is really not his thing and he knows very little about it. What?! WikiLeaks is one of the main reasons, along with Roger Stone that helped get Trump elected in the first place! Trump mentioned WikiLeaks SEVERAL times on the campaign trail and all the damaging emails that came along with it. He sure liked to play that card with American voters while in the background his base chanted “Lock Her Up” in the background. Now I would love to see HRC locked up forever along with her shady slimeball husband but, I doubt that will ever happen. Trump said he would put her in jail.....well I wanna see it! The fact that Trump played coy and acted dumb to the situation is extremely disappointing to me. Maybe, just maybe, Trump has a wild card up hs sleeve and he is playing this situation for down the road and some big reveal. I doubt it though because Assange is no fan of Trump and it seems as if he feels slighted for the way he has been dismissive of WikiLeaks. I have to side somewhat with Assange on this because those emails were the tipping point for an election that was supposedly close. Julian is no Angel though, he has been caught hacking systems and exposing extremely sensitive information about governments and power elite around the world. There certainly are a lot of rich powerful people in the world that would love to see Assange behind bars. Hopefully if it comes to that, Assange mega dumps new stuff onto the world that will expose even more people and criminal activities.

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One thing you have to understand though. Julian didn’t actually hack anything. He has a platform where people who want to remain anonymous can expose wrong doings from within the organizations doing the wrong doings.

One of these cases is Seth Rich. Long story short Seth Rich was found dead shot behind his head in what was reported a robbery but his wallet, money, phone, watch, ring and keys were still on his body, not long before he was supposed to testify in court against Hilary Clinton ...

Back in 2011 I believe, Swift Visa MasterCard PayPal, you name it, all blacklisted wikileaks. Bitcoin community started to donate bitcoin and wikileaks officially started accepting bitcoin donations...

Bitcoin and Julian have a lot in common and we should hope for the best for our like minded fellow human


I thought Seth Rich died in a car "crash"? But I may be confusing him with another assassination.

I’m am also a bit torn but unlike Manning, Assange never swore an oath to protect US secrets and had no obligations to comply with US law as he wasn’t a citizen.
The idea of the US arresting foreigners in foreign lands for breach of US laws is very disturbing.
It’s hard enough to comply with one’s own nations laws let alone those of other countries with different laws.
If other countries adopt this approach it will become impossible to behave legally anywhere.

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the u.s. follows one law; keep the power, keep the military, and make other countries pay tribute to us by buying our dollars and bonds.

the only oath is justice

Excellent review @broncnutz and it seems to me that the Julian Assange is more a hero than a criminal, because he did not betray the interests of the common American people and the common people of many states, he revealed those shameful secrets that hide the governments of many states around the world!

To me Julian Assange is a nice man, we all needs people like him to expose the evil and corruption of our politicians and their deceptive organizations who are just there to exploit the people

For those who think that Assange should be punished for publishing truthful information about the corruption of those in power, I say one thing.

If the pursuit of truth and accountability of those in power is not part of your moral compass, you ought to have a deep look into your consciousness and think carefully what kind of world you are aiding to create.

Greetings @broncnutz,

x22report had something to say about this topic.....very interesting development and timing.....notice it did not happen until after Trump was cleared.....

All the best to you.


he blowed the whistle on the u.s. government. he's no saint, but he's exposing the corruption of governments.

He is a disruptor of the establishment like DT. I think that is why DT loves WikiLeaks. What else does he know is the big question!

I think that we need people like Assange in the world - thise that bring to light some of the things that happen in the darkness. There are repercussions to what he does of course but people should be made aware of what's going on in the world - what governments and large corporations are actually doing. I havent been following Trump's response to his arrest so I wasnt aware of he said and dont really have an opinion on that yet.

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Freedom of the Press, case closed

It'll be interesting to watch the media coverage of his case in the USA, assuming there is some. I think what happened and what happens is more a statement of sensorship issues all governments face with the current state of communication.

As for Trump, I'm not 100% convinced that no evidence means he's completely innocent of wrongdoing.

But I'm sure no fan of Billary and her willingness to throw military lives to the wolves, then try to cover it up.

If I had to side one way, I prefer the world with Assange revealing secerets. It helped to keep all politicians on their toes. 👍


We should bear in mind that Assange is not Wikileaks. Just because he's been arrested does not mean that WikiLeaks will stop publishing documents that sources send to them. WikiLeaks have grown in people and networking despite having made enemies on both sides of the political spectrum. And I'd argue that if Assange is punished unfairly, there'll be a lot of people on the inside willing to turn over the tyrants.

The corrupt organizations are for the most part, ran by ordinary people and I refuse to believe that they're all in on the conspiracy to hold on to power and punish those who cross their path as much as those at the top are. I still have hope on the goodness of the human consciousness.

Julian is not a Hacker.. Somebody watches too much propaganda MSM. But lets say he did hack... What did he do. Shared proof and truth that most of the world live under a government so corrupted that it is now time to replaced them with Direct Democracy's. He is being persecuted not prosecuted. Know the difference look up the terms. Everyone should be outraged. The real criminals are still free advocating for his persecution. Only an idiot would be torn.

Without Assange, we wouldn't have known about the war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan or the CIA's torture program, and yes without Assange, Hillary could've been president. Wikileaks did reveal she not only had ties to Russia, but she also rigged the primary against Bernie.

I like Assange and hope he goes free. America should increase their security. If he can steal it without going there so can others.

In the case of traitor Ms Manning, she was in a privilaged US position, so was the the other traitor Mr Snowden.

In all these cases we aren't dealing with a Benedict Arnold.

Trump may have to stand by and let the courts prosecute Assange after all the work Assange did for him.
Who knows maybe they have secrets about each other?

Good or Bad? Not sure we can approach the question in such a binary way. Laws are more finite, but things get complex when we consider justice and the greater good.


Correct. Unless it's non-binary it is probably a tool of fascist repression. However, you look like a white male, so you are probably a Nazi yourself....unless you have already transitioned from your original birth sex.

Either way, I think it will do you no harm to have a stint in one of my upcoming government's re-education camps for thought criminals. You can find the details out here

By the way is that a Jewish name?

everyone must be good, someone's crime must be for some reason

Sometimes, somepeople are tend to be seen as criminal instead of innocent. Bad instead of good. I will probably say he is a good one

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sharing the truth is a messy business ✌

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Julian Assange is a straight white male, and therefore he is an oppressor. Anyone who believes otherwise is a Nazi, and under my leadership will spend a lot of time in re-educational facilities.

However, he is a useful idiot, and I will have a lot of fun parading him in chains through the city of London, whilst the revolutionary workers hurl stones at him.

Because only WE in the labour party are tolerant, peaceful and loving.

You can find out more in my new manifesto here

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