Why do you get nauseous when brushing?

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When brushing, there is a time when you are unaware of yourself. Why?

The third part of the back of the tongue, the inside of the tongue, the pharynx in the back of the throat, the 'neural nerve' connected with the brain is distributed. When this nerve is suddenly stimulated, the pharynx shrinks reflexively and the tongue rises up and the zone response appears. Zone reflections are a natural phenomenon induced by our bodies to prevent sudden foreign bodies from getting into our necks. Suddenly, a large stimulus is applied to the neural nerve, and the sense of the area is severe.

Repeated loosening due to brushing can cause gastric acid to reverse into the mouth and cause tooth corrosion. Gastric acid may exacerbate reflux esophagitis, which causes inflammation in the esophagus. To prevent stubbornness during toothbrushing, do not push the toothbrush suddenly into the area when wiping the inside of the tongue, gently wipe it from the front of the tongue, and move it to the inside to get less irritation. It is not good to open your mouth too wide. The various tissues behind the tongue can tighten and stimulate the neural nerve. If the head of the toothbrush is too large, it can irritate the pharynx and cause nausea.

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