What should the dentures wash with?

in #news3 years ago

The most common cause of bacterial growth in dentures is the use of wrong toothpaste. Seven out of ten denture users say they clean dentures in the wrong way, such as toothpaste, flowing water, and salt water. Especially, many people use toothpaste. Toothpaste is the culprit that makes the denture a germ hotbed. Denture is a weaker plastic material than tooth, so if you wipe it with ordinary toothpaste, the surface of the denture will be scratched and germs that cause bad breath and denture stomatitis may breed.

To properly clean the dentures, the remaining food should be wiped with a soft brush in room-temperature water without toothpaste. After eating, remove the denture and wipe it with water or a detergent used for dishwashing. Some people sterilize the dentures and boil them in boiling water or soak them in hot water, which is a permanent deformity of the plastic denture. To disinfect the dentures, dentures should be used. Experts say that the special cleansing agent for dentures removes stains and plaque remaining after brushing and sterilizes up to 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria. From now on, it is highly recommended to wash the dentures with detergent.

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