What should I do when I'm stung on a jellyfish?

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If you find a jellyfish while swimming, do not touch it and move slowly and out of the water. Trying to move quickly or pushing the jellyfish can be a factor in making the jellyfish aggressive. As soon as you come out of the water, let your safety agent know and do not let anyone else shoot you. If you are shot on a jellyfish, go out of the water immediately and calmly, then inform the safety officer first. Then rinse the area with clean seawater or saline several times for more than 10 minutes. If you wash with vinegar, alcohol, tap water, bottled water, etc., it is recommended that you do not use it because it can break off the jaws left on your skin and secrete toxins.

Vinegar can help if you are shot in a very toxic cubic jellyfish (jelly box), but you should avoid rinsing with vinegar blindly because you often do not know what kind of jellyfish you are shooting. If your eyes are injured, do not wash them with seawater. Call 119 for help and get medical attention. If the jellyfish tentacles remain after washing, do not remove them with your bare hands. Remove rubber gloves with a plastic card, tweezers or chopsticks to avoid secondary exposure to the jellyfish poison. Once the tentacles have been removed, wash them again, and the jellyfish toxins are usually sooty, so it is helpful to soak in hot water for about 20 minutes.

If there is only a simple local toxic reaction, it can be treated with first aid such as washing, analgesic agent, antihistamine, etc. but it will cause systemic toxic reaction such as nausea, vomiting, cold sweating, dizziness, dyspnea, Immediately call your healthcare provider for help and be taken to the hospital for treatment.

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