What happens if I spit on mosquito bites?

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Many people put acupuncture on first aid if they are bitten by a mosquito. There is a myth that acupuncture improves if acupuncture is given or acupuncture is applied. Is it true? It is a wrong way to apply acupuncture when biting on a mosquito. When the mosquito is swollen, it starts to itch as the skin swells up. At this time, large and small scratches are formed on the surface of the skin, so that external harmful bacteria can easily penetrate into the skin. In this state, when the needle is applied, bacteria such as streptococcus and staphylococcus which are in the needle are introduced into the skin through the wound. Bacterial invasion into the subcutaneous tissue may lead to a case of tuberculous infection, a pyritic inflammatory disease. Symptoms such as fever, pain, rash, and pus appear when a cellulitis occurs. Severe complications include skin necrosis, sepsis, and arthritis.

When bitten by a mosquito, it should not be scratched even if it is itchy. When scratched, toxins transferred by the mosquitoes can spread to surrounding tissues, and bacteria in the fingernail can enter the wound area and worsen the wound. Pigmentation also occurs. Do not scratch at that time, clean the bite area with cool water and padding ice helps to relieve swelling and itching. It can also be used as a mosquito repellent of an antihistamine ingredient sold in a pharmacy. If the bite is swollen, apply a quick ointment with antibiotics to prevent bacterial infection. If you do not get sore, you will have to go to the hospital to get treatment if you feel hot and painful.

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