If you drink a lot of fruit juice, you are more likely to get cancer.

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Fruit juice 'seems to be a healthier choice than carbonated beverages. But drinking 100% fruit juice every day can increase the risk of cancer.

The study, conducted in France, was conducted over a period of nine years from 2009 to 2018 for over 100,000 adults by tracking sugar, artificial sweetened beverage and 100% fruit juice intake. 79% of the participants were female, 21% were male and the average age was 42. During the study period, 2193 people were diagnosed with cancer. Drinking 100ml of sugar-containing beverages such as fruit juice or soda water increased the risk of cancer by 18% and the risk of breast cancer by 22%. In particular, there was no difference in the results of comparing the groups that only drink carbonated drinks or fruit juice. "Sugar beverage is a risk factor for obesity, and obesity itself is a risk factor for cancer," the researchers said. The researchers, however, acknowledged that the study was based on observations and that the causal relationship could not be elucidated. The findings were published in the July 10 issue of the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

In May, Cornell University and Emory University co-researchers said that people who drink sugary drinks are at high risk of premature death. A total of 14,440 adult men and women were followed for six years, and the group who consumed more than 10% of their daily calorie intake with sweetened beverages (fruit juice, carbonated drinks, etc.) had a 44% risk of premature death Respectively. This risk was not related to the kinds of 100% juice juice, carbonated drinks and so on.

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