Good food to eat after exercise in summer !!!

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In the summer, after sweating in the gymnasium and exercising, sports drinks are often found. These functional beverages help supplement calories and electrolytes. But you can not drink sports drinks every time. So, after the summer exercise, I find out 5 kinds of good food.

  1. Coconut water Coconut water is sometimes advertised as a 'natural sports drink'. Although exaggerated somewhat, potassium electrolytes are high and calories are low, which is advisable. If you exercise for about an hour anyway, electrolytes and sugar, you need to supplement the calorie proper, so the natural food drink is not bad.

  2. Banana It is one of the most popular foods for athletes who have lost a lot of electrolyte due to high calories and plenty of potassium. It also contains a lot of antioxidants, fiber and vitamin B.

  3. Low-fat chocolate milk There are advantages of low-fat chocolate milk. According to researchers from the Mayo Clinic in the US, low-fat milk has three things needed to recover after exercise: lactose carbohydrates, electrolytes of potassium and sodium, casein and whey protein.

  4. Raisins Recently, in addition to sports drinks, sugars, electrolytes, and chewing foods with calories are also recommended. I recommend dried fruits at this time. It is good if the content of carbohydrates such as figs and pears as well as raisins is high.

  5. Ice coffee, iced tea Unlike athletes who need endurance, those who go to health clubs do not need much electrolytes and carbohydrates in sports drinks. Therefore, if you exercise for about an hour with adequate strength, you can drink only low-calorie drinks, such as iced coffee or iced tea, with about 100mg of caffeine.

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