Food that you should not eat on an empty stomach !!!

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It is often busy eating breakfast or eating other food instead of bothering rice. However, if you eat on an empty stomach, some foods are harmful to your health.

  1. sweet potato Sweet potatoes, which are popular as a substitute for breakfast and diet foods, should not be eaten on an empty stomach. The glue and tannin ingredient in sweet potato stimulate the stomach wall and cause a lot of stomach acid, which can lead to soreness. In the case of diabetic patients, eating sweetened potatoes on an empty stomach may increase blood sugar rapidly, so be careful.

  2. Banana The same is true of bananas, which are often eaten as substitutes for meals. Bananas have a high magnesium content, so eating banana in an empty stomach can cause a disproportionate impact on the cardiovascular system by causing an increase in magnesium levels and an imbalance with potassium in the blood vessels. Bananas have the effect of relieving muscle tension, which helps to prepare for sleep after dinner.

  3. Pineapple When you eat pineapple in an empty stomach, the enzyme component of pineapple stimulates the stomach and may cause heartburn or pain. Pineapple also contains a proteolytic enzyme called bromelin, which helps release pancreatic juices and digestive juices, and breaks down intestinal products. Therefore, it is better to eat after meal rather than on an empty stomach.

  4. Kiwi Kiwi has a large amount of acid and proteolytic enzyme, bromelin, which causes infertility when consumed on an empty stomach. Like pineapple, it is good to eat after meals.

  5. Milk Drinking milk in an empty stomach promotes gastric acid secretion and stimulates the stomach wall by the calcium and casein proteins in milk. This can cause genital soreness. If you have gastritis, your symptoms may worsen. If you drink milk as a substitute for your meal, you should eat it with fiber-rich nuts, bread, and cereal.

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