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As is likely the case with everyone on the Steemit platform, I am proud of the country I live in and do my best to support it in many ways. There will always be things we wish were different or that could be better, but when it comes down to it, most of us, myself included, are patriotic and are loyal to our country.

There was a cool story that occurred a few hours away from me in Fresno, CA last Friday. There were some back to back softball games, and the field only plays the US national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, before the first softball game. When the field announcer let everyone know this, the crowd broke out in boos, wanting to sing the national anthem. The fact that the Memorial Day holiday was about to occur might have had a factor in the crowd’s strong desire to sing the national anthem.

Since the spectators of this game had not been there for the earlier singing, the crowd felt robbed, and it took it upon themselves to sing the national anthem! The broke out in unison (in a capella) and the players stopped warming up in order to join with the crowd in singing The Star-Spangled Banner.


This is a cool moment to me, and makes me proud that patriotism is still out there, as it is easy to get discouraged by all the petty politics and societal disagreements that are prevalent in our nation today. I am sure many people feel the same way I do, despite what country you live in.

The cool thing about the story as well is that the organizers of the league decided to change the policy following this event, and are now singing the national anthem before every game! It goes to show that if the people want something and take it upon themselves to make their desires happen, that real change can occur within systems and institutions.

I thought I would share this feel good news story today!


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this is a very nice story..i like very much.. Anthem is a best story in the my life.because at the first time i am listening this story matter.its really new experience for me.friend..thanks to sharing for your interesting news of story..very well dear friend..@brian.rrr have a nice day.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work thought..


very well.


thank you for your good comment.. i am really happy to listening word well..friend. @mediaservice

Listening to the anthem of your country will always be an emotion that despite the years will remain intact, that respect and love for your country will make you happy anywhere in the world, so it is important that all this love is instilled in the youngest, these customs must overcome the new eras, there are hard things to forget, in my country became a habit and sing the hymn before each game, what a valuable feeling

I really enjoy your national Anthem story. I pleased to read about the gaming as i also love game and it's more enjoyable if it's any nation related. I appreciate your wonderful writing.

Hello how are you? listen to the anthem of my country venezuela I am proud and it brings me up to tears I feel a great emotion when I listen to it, that same you must have felt I like this news because nadiue must take his country out of his heart and what better shows that the anthem of each country
it's good that now they sing the anthem before each game that's a pride

My friend @ brian.rrr how are you? I have been a bit busy these days but I have come back to catch up with your good publications, this one is very good to me, it makes me very proud to hear the anthem of my country and especially in a baseball game that is my favorite, I imagine your big pride and all those people
I hope that your beautiful family is well and I am happy to come back to write to you, greetings and blessings!


Yes, I haven’t seen you stop by in a while. Glad you are back my friend!


Thanks friend

A few days ago I was talking with my husband about patriotism, about how it influences to love the country, I think that everything starts from there, the evolution of a country starts from the respect for my land, my people, my culture and what unites us ... When you sing a capella, you defended your love for your country. Bravo!!

It's beautiful how they came together to do this is that if we join as a people and leave the differences aside we could go so far but I think it's something that happens in my country here there is no union at all for each side, the truth this was a great behavior and I think that whatever happens, we have to be proud of our country together we do great things, happy night friend

Great experience surely, always honor and love our country that matters who the total gobierte the policy is so dirty and those people are everything for the money but while we face for our country that matters the government, this was a great lesson surely also leave something very nice and positive now sing in anthem in each game, very well

So interesting story and different also...
I enjoy your writing @brian.rrr

that's pretty cool to hear. I like when crowds do things like this. I feel that the athletes have the right to protest by opting out and I feel like crowds can do what they want as well.

What a joy, a sign that when people join and is smart, they can dominate the system. I'm very happy with what they achieved.

Our patriotic symbols must be part of our blood, an applause to all those who felt their heart vibrate as they sang the precious notes of their hymn. They did not steal them!

congratulations friend, they managed to defend their wishes. regards!!

a good feel story , when people get together to help or to cheer people on or up , it is a great feeling that we can come together instead of fighting @brian.rrr

I'd love to travel the whole world someday. We come from different countries but the same planet.

story is so amazing,,owesome news,,also writing

One of the things that I admire about you love your country work for him, I also love my country but here I see people who instead of working for him do everything possible to destroy it, you in the USA do everything possible to have a great country , here in Venezuela many do their best to destroy it, I congratulate you for your way of thinking.

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Nice one it's great this is so nice story glad to see you here

This is such a nice story at a time when there is so much controversy surrounding the national anthem and respect. It speaks volumes to how the fans might feel about all the publicity around this issue.

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Thank you

I might have a fishing post later I am going to a really secluded area where only a few people go

how to play, where we are not as popular as your country

Just finished fishing I only caught one but I had fun

Very nice game, although I have never had a chance to play,
but I see the game on TV,
when the national anthem is played during the start of the game.

It seems like I'm proud I was born in this country.
Thank you so much sir.

Great post! Patriotism is not dead like the left would have us believe. Your story did my heart good to read it. Thank you. 🐓🐓