Viuly Review & Highlights

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I've been using Viuly for over a month now with good results. As a video platform it's more intuitive and easier to navigate than DTube. I've also been able to upload and view videos without any issue so far, although I've heard the load times are a problem for some.

Viuly stores files in the IPFS much like DTube does. It offers a blockchain managed and decentralized video platform to content creators and viewers with some very interesting perks. Anyone interested in the newly announced Theta project would likely be just as excited about Viuly.

All advertising is voluntary and operates in peer to peer fashion. Advertisers pay content creators and viewers directly with the platforms native tokens. This means all those hours you've spent watching stuff on youtube will get you paid in VIU coins now. And for the content creators, how about a larger slice of that advertising revenue? They offer much better rates than youtube.

For content creators, there is an option to create premium videos where you determine the cost to unlock a video based on your own preferences. Online video classes, tutorial videos, etc. can very easily be uploaded and set up. The VIU coin being the method of payment for services.

There is a unique feature which allows a viewer to purchase the product or service being advertised directly from the video's page, also in the VIU tokens.

The project is still new, as are many other blockchain services, but it is functional and easy to use. As youtube continues to alienate various portions of their user base this presents another intriguing option for the Independent Media to explore.

The project is developed in Estonia (Eastern Europe) and hosts an abundance of foreign content, but the platform works just as well for Americans. A perfect example of how the peer to peer magic of the blockchain is breaking down borders and changing the way our economy functions.

Check out my two channels and give the platform a try if you're so inclined. Over a million users have made their way to the site so far and it's set to grow quickly as more development features get implemented over 2018.

The White paper is also one of the shorter and easier reads I've come across. Really emphasizes how how the blockchain works for people familiar with youtubes monetization system.

Official Whitepaper -

Digital Asset Discussions -

Digital Asset Research -

I'll be continuing use of the platform to distribute videos in the future, this is a project I can see catching some majorly favorable winds in these crazy times we live in. As one of the first blockchain projects to offer a viable alternative to youtube, it deserves a try.