Believe It or Not? Mante, The Real Hobbit or Dwarf from Aceh

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Hi steemians, whether you've seen the movie Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit filmed Hollywood? If so, you are certainly familiar with the character of Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit or Bagins Frodo and Sam in the movie Lord of the Rings.

In the film, the character of Bilbo, Frodo even Sam has a height well below the average human. Their size is also almost identical to the dwarves in Hollywood animation films. The hobbits also has distinctive features fluffy down the legs. Just like traits Mante, tribal exist in Aceh.

What the tribe Mante?

The last two days, Aceh, Sumatra digemparkan with uploaded videos Fredography in his youtube account. In the video, seen several of the Cross was surprised when weaving through Aceh. They met with dwarf naked human figure with thick fur on his body.

Allegedly the figure is Mante, ethnic Malay proto old is reportedly already extinct. In the video, the figure of the dwarf fled into the woods when one crosser after him. Of course, the meeting was unmasked in research ethnic groups in Aceh which has been a mystery.


Mante has been known as being mytologi or maybe just a legend in Aceh. Many people even suspect Mante as astral beings because they never meet with ordinary people. There are also tribal Mante equate with fairy nation being able to disappear into the forest when he met with a normal human being.

The historical record also mentions Aceh, the last time the tribe Mante communicate with humans in the mid 17th century that time, the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam troops managed to capture a pair of Mante tribes who then presented to the sultan.

Unfortunately, both Mante was then killed for not eating and drinking. They also do not want to communicate with ordinary people.

You're curious? See the Cross meeting with tribal Mante in Aceh in this video.

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Nyan... Video youtube. Neuboh sumber aju nyan. Meuhan meuramah enteuk

Omin, untong neu peu ingat. Ci neu kalon, nyoe meunan? Saleum meuturi

Sip... Bereh. Nice to see u friend. Pat tinggai?

Di Banda

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Excellent work dear friend @boynashruddin very interesting, great video, thank you very much for this unpublished material.

about mante, in long time poeple's confuse, did story fact or not? But now, we have a loud information about that mystery.

Thank's @jlufer.

pat gampong bang ?

Lon di Banda. Droneuh di Pat?

I have heard from many Achehnese freedom fighters who used to live in the forest that they saw these creatures. I just wish that we could leave them alone and do not try to disturb their existence. Saleuem meuturi.

secara mitologi mereka ada. namun faktanya masih diperdebatkan. nyoe meunan bg @boynashruddin