Fake News Epidemic

in news •  3 years ago 

Fake news is everywhere and reaching new levels of absurdity and deception, be wary of what you read!

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I have found myself having to fact check everything I see and hear. I do not believe anything i see or read from the media. Believe nothing..research everything!

The problem is NOT fake news. The problem is who is doing it. Up until recently the MSNM could tell lies or spin stories and not be held accountable. They can no longer do so and they are


I think at this point they are the most dangerous and will make up anything to cause trouble, stay safe..

I quit beleiving anything they said decades ago.
there was this little incident in Viet Nam...

Ahh yes that old chesnut

were you there too?
I was.

I will upvote 100% for any REAL NEWS PROVIDERS who come on Steemit. Old Fashion - Old School Real Journalism - right here on Steemit.com - that is what I will GUILD for. I am dead tired of the noise-cast from the "established media".

I work as a professional trader, and the news we read or observe is NOT what is being fed to the incompetent masses.

So if you have a REAL JOURNALIST IN YOUR HEART - let me know about you and allow me to use my UPVOTE POWER to empower you to grow here.

It is a win/win situation for many many many of us - we need real news, and "big brother" is not delivering it to us.

Sincerely and in all friendliness
@fyrstikken / @fyrst-witness

I like project veritas, it's like old school undercover journalism

I quit believing msm over a decade ago... there was a movement to smash your tv's, and the alternative media emerged. The MSM then started panicking and created their own versions of it - all of this is an attempt to get people to not listen to real news, and go back to listening to the lies of the msm. A way they've wormed themselves into the internet has been through trash websites like Facebook, and look at FB today where they are working on ways to work with governments to censor.

Its scary how much control these people have!! We need to research everything..make sure we start informed debate and educate ourselves, become free thinkers once more!!!

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