Check Out Our New LOGO! 😀

in #news6 years ago

We have decided to upgrade our logo at! What do you think?

Our main objective in creating a new logo was to include the year Bitcoin Shirtz was established. This is a common feature in a logo and our last one was super basic. 

We want to differentiate ourselves from the crowd of incoming crypto businesses. For 2 years now we have been putting in the work and helping all sorts of crypto projects gain more exposure through branded clothing. is not simply about promoting cryptocurrency so that people can become rich. We are righteously passionate about Bitcoin and cryptos because they have the power to free people.  These assets drastically change how we transact with money. No longer does our money have to be controlled by banks and states. People of the world can free themselves with digital currency. aims to help more people become educated about Bitcoin and blockchains to further and increase human consciousness. 

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