Brace Yourselves — Airdrop is Coming (and Alpha too!)

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The team of Birdchain always think of their community and all decisions are made with you on our minds. That’s why we are very happy to announce these updates on the Airdrops and Alpha release of our dapp.

The Dapp Release

The dapp will be released sooner than previously anticipated. Preliminary estimations were that the app will be released on the 16th of July. Since we reached our soft cap, developers were working hard on the alpha version and at the moment they are ahead of the schedule.

We will update you on the exact date of the release when it will be closer to the finish. For now, we suggest you subscribe to our Youtube channel and be the first one to hear about it:

We also want to remind you that this is going to be an alpha release of the app. This means that not all features from our white paper will be available to test. In the alpha version we are focusing on two the most important features:

  • Wallet - deposit, withdraw, and hold BIRD tokens;
  • Content engagement - earn additional BIRD tokens.


What if we told you that after you receive your airdrop, you could get even more BIRD tokens? We found a way!

The 1 000 000 BIRD token Airdrop participants will receive their tokens directly to the Birdchain dapp wallet. Since of June 1 winners of our engagement bounties on YouTube, will also receive their tokens directly to their Birdchain dapp wallet.

This way we will get more initial users of the dapp and increase potential income in BIRD tokens. The idea is simple: the more people will be using the app, the more businesses will start using Birdchain services, and that means more BIRD tokens will be distributed for the app users.

If you are a subscriber to our YouTube channel, you already know that people can win two (!!!) engagement bounties after every show. You can win 1000 BIRD tokens for commenting after the video. 10 people can get 100 BIRD tokens for watching live stream if we reach 50 viewers.

These are the news for now! Tell us what you think about them on our Telegram chat:

Follow us on official channels for more news: When unlock? When exchange? What exchange?

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