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Birdchain Latest News

Last week we at Birdchain have finalized the conferences we will be attending in May and boy there will be few across the world. Our team member Joao will have one hectic week. He will be speaking in Amsterdam and attending, networking and spreading the word about Birdcahin in 2 conferences in Dubai. While our founder Ernestas will be flying to USA — New York to attend Consensus conferences and to meet our supporters from this region.

Birdchain Extravaganza

Last week Birdchain’s Extravaganza Streams were filled with truly interesting conversations that had lead us to intriguing discoveries. Birdchain’s team member Aliona invited our community members to join Birdchain team and move to Vilnius. Tomas Medeckis told us about P2P lending and investing platform — Welltrado. And James Downton an Advisor of Monetha and Debitum shared his stories, insights and tips on how to run successful marketing campaigns for ICO during the bear market and the bull.

Here is a short review on last week’s highlights:

Birdchain & Aliona

Meet the Birdchain team member — Aliona and find out

  • Whats it like to work with us
  • What job offer Birdchain has?
  • What salary a product owner would get in potatoes?
  • And what it takes to become Aliona’s personal assistance?

Birdchain & Welltrado

Joao took an interview from Tomas Medeckis. The CEO of Welltrado ICO told us how their project is different from other P2P lending platforms and how it will benefit investors! Moreover, Tomas answered all questions that have been asked during live stream!

Want to know what features Welltrado will have? — Check out the interview!

Birchain & James Downton Monetha Advisor

Who is James Downton? James Downton is the ICO marketing professional who advised Monetha and Debitum Network during ICO periods. We were lucky to have him on Birdchain’s show, where James spoke about various challenges that teams had to overcome with two very different projects. He told us how ICO marketing conditions has changed over the time. And most importantly — he shared with us what is the key to success!

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