World News Channel: Tropical Storm Lane in Hawaii 08/26/2018

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It is incredible the great strength that nature has shown for thousands of years the power of destruction that has and we have no doubt that its power is really destructive.

The island of Hawaii was the victim of strong winds that moved thousands of things through the skies, causing major disasters throughout the island, it is unfortunate to see how families could lose their lives and their homes at the hands of nature.

With some gusts of wind of up to 100 kilometers per hour, the storm is expected to turn westward in the next few hours, away from the Pacific islands by Saturday night.

Several parts of the archipelago, like the two most populated islands of Ohau and Maui, remained "alert" and the authorities multiplied the calls for prudence.

This leaves us thinking that nature is leaving us a sign that we are slowly destroying the earth and we must strive to be more conscious and help to heal the planet earth.

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World News Channel: Tropical Storm Lane in Hawaii

Honolulu, United States.- Torrential rains accompanied by strong winds blew over Hawaii, forcing thousands of people to seek refuge in shelters, while the slow pace of the tropical storm generates "severe" flooding and can cause landslides of Earth.

At 12:00 o'clock on Wednesday night, Lane was located 210 kilometers south-southwest of the capital Honolulu and was moving slowly at just over 6 kilometers per hour to the northwest. The outer bands of the storm "produced severe flooding over some parts of the Hawaiian archipelago," the Central Pacific Hurricane Center warned in a report, AFP reported.

Lane, which could generate isolated tornadoes, "will produce excessive rains this weekend, which could cause flash floods and landslides," the report added.



With some gusts of wind of up to 100 kilometers per hour, the storm is expected to turn west in the next few hours, away from the Pacific islands for Saturday night.

Several parts of the archipelago, such as the two most populous islands Ohau and Maui, remained on "alert" and the authorities multiplied the calls for prudence.

"It is very dangerous to remain outdoors particularly in the flood zones," Brock Long, head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), warned Friday during a press conference.

"Citizens have to be prepared for power cuts for a time and great damage to infrastructure," he added, while the population accumulated water, food and gasoline reserves.



The effects of Lane were felt with strong winds that hit the Maui and Oahu Islands (where Honolulu is located). About 60 cm of water fell during the last 36 hours on the famous beach of Waikiki, causing its closure, while merchants and restaurateurs tried to protect their buildings with the help of sandbags.

In some localities of Isla Grande, the first impacted and where the Kilauea volcano is still erupting, 760 mm of rain fell in 24 hours.

The sea level should reach 1.20 m more than its usual level of high tide, with potentially destructive waves, according to meteorologists who ask not to leave the inhabitants.

More than 2,000 people attended the 45 evacuation centers, said Brad Kieserman, vice president of Operation and Logistics in Disasters at the American Red Cross.

"I would not be surprised to wake up tomorrow (Saturday) and have the evacuation centers with between 2,500 and 3,000 people," he said, noting that because of the speed "the population of the island is reacting according to the threat of the storm."



"There is a feeling of concern, but I have hope" that everything goes well, confessed an inhabitant of Haleiwa, on the island of Oahu.

Given the possible devastating risk of the tropical storm, the authorities are ready. "Our teams cooperate closely with the state of Hawaii and local authorities," President Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday.

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