MEMEPOCALYPSE DAY 2: The Internet at WAR with CNN

in #news4 years ago (edited)

Day 2, the 'Great CNN Meme War' continues...

Any bloodshed?!

@HanAssholeSolo, the original #CNNBlackmail culprit is back on twitter for revenge!

Enjoy some highlights from Day 2 of
the Great CNN Meme War:

- @HanAssholeSolo

- Thank you @piercetheveil!

- @HanAssholeSolo

- @HanAssholeSolo

- @HanAssholeSolo

- @HanAssholeSolo

- @HanAssholeSolo

To see highlights from Day 1 click here

All memes/gifs publicly sourced from,, and

If you have any new CNN memes, add them in the comments below!


what's your favorite gif? haha

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Brutal... The post and all the GIFs lol.