RIP James Manzo Shot by Asbury Park NJ Police for having a mental break down!

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  • James Manzo (Last Officially Known Picture)

What The Police Did And Claim!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 8:45PM
ASBURY PARK, New Jersey (WABC) -- An investigation is underway after a police-involved shooting in New Jersey left a man dead.

It happened just after 10 p.m. Tuesday at the Asbury Inn on 7th Avenue in Asbury Park, where police were called to a boarding house on a report of an emotionally disturbed person.

Investigators say officers entered the building and attempted to talk to 27-year-old James Manzo at his doorway.

Manzo tried to shut his door on the officers but then emerged armed with a pair of scissors, according to the New Jersey Attorney General.

During the encounter one officer fired at Manzo, fatally wounding him. No other injuries were reported.

One of the officers involved was taken to Jersey Shore Medical Center to get checked out.

The shooting happened just one block from the boardwalk. The New Jersey Attorney General's Office has taken over this investigation, which is standard anytime a police officer shoots someone.

Official NJ response (government):

This man I know... He was MENTALLY and "Emotionally Disturbed". The police were TOLD this by a friend of Manzo. They decided to use LETHAL force against him.. He could easily have been apprehended by them with a small team with NON-LETHAL force! They were told he was potentially mentally ill and they decided to use LETHAL force against him..

The police clearly MURDERED this young man and are now trying to act like it is no big deal! Manzo needed mental help potentially and instead suffered MURDER by a police officer who chose a pistol vs a tazer! This is MURDER! This is against the PROTECT AND SERVE concept police swear their oath to!

How is this allowed? James was in need potentially of help, NOT "several shots" to him that resulted in fatality! Ask yourself. IF you were called to the scene of a mentally unstable person... Would you SHOOT HIM LETHALLY? OR... Use non lethal force and a swat team to detain him if he refused to cooperate?

WHICH would you do?

It is very obvious this will be an open and shut case and the officer who MURDERED this man (my friend) will get off with no consequences! What kind of military, fascist, NWO police force does NJ have now? Well this confirms it! They will SHOOT MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE just for having "scissors" when they were called there FOR someone behaving "unstable".

Really? A 5 person swat team with tear gas, riot gear, tazers and other non lethal forces couldn't have apprehended this man without MURDERING him? FUCK THE POLICE!

The GOVERNMENT and POLICE are NOT OUR FRIENDS! They actively seek to erase us and destroy us and assert power over us! THAT is why these SCUMBAGS MURDERED my friend INSTEAD of getting him the mental help he potentially needed! They chose to be COWARDS and SHOOT HIM FATALLY instead of apprehend him! The one cop even went to the hospital after with NO injuries just to prove what a coward he is! I mean to create some justification for MURDERING this young man who was mentally unstable!

The police are NOT our friends anymore! They are working for a socialist elite and do not protect those they claim to serve! They will murder you and I in the name of protecting and serving us! There was ZERO reason a pair of scissors should result in using lethal force against someone YOU KNOW is potentially mentally unstable! The use of SWAT, tear gas, tazers and other non lethal would have been FAR more than enough to apprehend him and safely get him to the mental facilities and help he potentially needed! The police chose to END HIS LIFE instead! FUCK THE POLICE!

RIP James Manzo (Age 27).. You were a great friend and will forever be missed!

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