Reality Check: Will New CIA Director Gina Haspel Stick to Her Word on Torture?

in news •  10 months ago

Gina Haspel, now confirmed as our next CIA director, said in her bid to head the agency that the torture program shouldn't have happened. But should we believe her? Let's give it a Reality Check.

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Yet another globalist shill appointed by el puppet president Trump. Ben needs to do a 'Reality Check' on our globalist puppet USA president.

Is Trump the 'populist' president he advertised himself as or, is he just another 'hope and change' agent 'installed' by the globalists? I've already did this 'reality check in spades' but, it would be better coming from the king of reality check himself, mr Swann.

I really enjoy your compressed and to the point news, Ben. Very informative, we could use more of it.
Also thanks to Dash for supporting independent journalists!

Yeah CIA , NSA , FBI are DAMAGED BRANDS . No one is EVER going to trust them ever again . Integrity is the most important aspect of being in this community , and once you damage that credibility you have nothing . Because everyone will simply shut down around you , and you’ll be unable to get the information you require to do your job . Essentially isolating you which is not what you would want for an intelligence officer . The government is operating as if this is not a big deal , and I think it is . The flow of information is what you would want , and when your isolated from valuable information this will stop you from doing your job as an Intelligence officer . So I think its a little pretentious to assume that they are all going to just go back to business as usual, and pretend it never happened . Someone lost a father , brother , or other relative and the wounds are deep and keep getting deeper . So I see no way out for these agencies other then to completely eliminate them all firing , and trying many of them for high treason . And then starting an entirely new agency with a totally new set of goals and objectives that reflect this country’s principles and morals . We must have an intelligence agency to protect this country from its enemies , but we can not have one which behaves worse then its enemies . Thank you sir for another great report 👏👍