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And you continue to subscribe to the Elders of Zion myths and Joooo Stereotypes I talk about. You do realize the Rothchild's are not even Jewish anymore as they completely asssimilated over 100 years ago. Perhaps they joined the real deep-state which uses the continual boogyman (Zionists/Jews) as the same scapegoat throughout history. It's just as effective as it was when Christians were told Jews use blood in their Matzah. Of course it's forbidden for Jews to consume animal let alone human blood.. but those facts never mattered to froth at the mouth Christians of old.

Luckily there is no shortage of useful idiots..

You also cite the Talmud like any typical white nationalist who has no idea how to read Aramaic or Hebrew and then relies upon translations and opinions that have not only been taken out of context, but used to disregard the whole idea of Rabbinic Judaism (which is in effect the Christian blood libel of old)

Unfortunately there is no hope for a man who can type as eloquently as Adolf spoke.

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