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And when I say i'm a Zionist I mean it. The definition has been changed into the Elder of Zion MYTH (which has been debunked countless times) yet I still have to defend the definition. Like I said, if you adhered to the true original meaning of Zionism (which many on here do not); you would know it requires self determination, boarders, and defense. It does not require endless expansion unless of course you wage a endless wars and continuously lose land; Sinai (given back), Gaza (given back), Jordan (Partitioned as a Palestinian state), West Bank (Judea and Samaria) ie LAND is captured.

The creation of the state of Israel was done through the United Nazi's (I mean UN), and legally through the Belfour declaration. Whether or not you view Britain legitimate (which I do not care), all nations have been established by some form of coercion or conflict (war). The double standards are not only mind boggling, but completely anti-Jewish. I don't want to use anti-semetism as a word any longer. It has been corrupted and is being applied to all Middle Easterners (which is fine), but predominantly describes European treatment of Jews.

On so many fronts Jews have to defend who they are, where their origins came from etc etc. Judaism is a religion and it has nothing to do with race. Jews are then called fake jews because they are Khazars or whatever.. at the end of the day Hitler did not discriminate, Mohammed did not discriminate, and neither did the rest of Europe before Hitler.

If you are not Jewish, it is almost impossible to relate.. especially if you are European (who has some of the worst hypocritical/ethical/moral behavior in history. Now the Europeans wish to discard their own filth by saying, "See Jews act the same way", even though Britain, and the rest of the UN voted for continual conflict themselves.

Unless of course you are getting shafted similarly; Kurds or Christians in the middle east it's almost impossible to sympathize or even understand. This is no longer offensive to me when Israelis are called Nazis (from those who actually were or ARE Nazis).

Names do not change reality.

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Well, I appreciate your substantive discourse on your thoughts on the matter. You will not find an antisemite in me, for many years I have celebrated the Shabbat and taught my sons the same. That does not mean I can fail to recognize the Machiavellian intent of Zionism to suborn the world and establish Talmudic dominance of the peoples they view as mere cattle.

It is not to secure Palestine that banksters have gained complete control over the enemedia, nor caused Western nations to shred the ME with military adventures, but for a larger goal. Nothing short of Greater Israel, and that siting of the government of the entire world in Jerusalem will suffice for Zionists. It doesn't even matter if you yourself believe this or not: those that matter do.

As a result of these exact methods of destabilizing nations from within that Zionists have always employed, we see the identical fruits of their influence on Weimerica today, and Europe is hardly better. Only where their main weapon against free peoples have been rejected - national banks issuing fiat debt currency - are those fruits not ripening today. Where? Russia our Worst Enemy. North Korea, and Iran alone are left.

It is because Weimar Germany was rescued from insolvency and crushing debt through that mechanism by Nazi party financial revolt that WWII was prosecuted and crushed them until they have become the very lapdogs of Zion today. Let's not ignore the additional provocation of Bolshevism, including the attempt to overthrow the Weimar Republic itself by Communists and Zionists either. From the Holodomor to the Gulag Archipeligo, we see the benefits nations that succumb to such succubi as banksters pose attain.

No different tactic is employed today, and the goal remains, as it always has been, total global dominance for Jews over goyim they regard as chattel.

I deride no person for their faith, their heritage, nor their circumstances of birth. I judge everyone by the same principles and condemn those rapine and profiteering, and uplift those beneficial and cooperative. I am no Nazi, nor racist, nor Atheist. I am a free and honest man that calls things as I see them, and this marks me for death by them that would seize the world for their profit, and make the rest of us slaves.

Zionism is the absolute worst expression of the worst inhumanity mankind can undertake. Were it simply an effort to secure a homeland and defend it, I would yet decry the savagery and deceit with which it has been effected. I have seen that it is nothing less than the scheme to conquer the world by those means, and there is no more evil possible goal than enslaving humanity to one race, religion, or people.

By it's ends and means, Zionism is the enemy of all free people everywhere, and I am a free man who will die free.


And you continue to subscribe to the Elders of Zion myths and Joooo Stereotypes I talk about. You do realize the Rothchild's are not even Jewish anymore as they completely asssimilated over 100 years ago. Perhaps they joined the real deep-state which uses the continual boogyman (Zionists/Jews) as the same scapegoat throughout history. It's just as effective as it was when Christians were told Jews use blood in their Matzah. Of course it's forbidden for Jews to consume animal let alone human blood.. but those facts never mattered to froth at the mouth Christians of old.

Luckily there is no shortage of useful idiots..

You also cite the Talmud like any typical white nationalist who has no idea how to read Aramaic or Hebrew and then relies upon translations and opinions that have not only been taken out of context, but used to disregard the whole idea of Rabbinic Judaism (which is in effect the Christian blood libel of old)

Unfortunately there is no hope for a man who can type as eloquently as Adolf spoke.