Never Feel Depressed or Anxious Ever Again: This Is How To Really Supercharge Your Dopamine Level.

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Why do people really experience the emotion known as depression Is it some kind of unexplainable chemical imbalance in the brain, or something caused by specific chemicals or lack of chemicals

Is depression caused by a person’s experiences, or is it an innate and unexplainable part of the personality, possibly on a spiritual level Is it just how this existence is

This article will explore a few possible causes of what we call depression, and a few ways to treat it.

So how can you "supercharge " your dopamine levels Well unfortunately it is more complex than headlines circulating on this topic might suggest. First it is necessary to explore whether the cause of your depression is really a chemical imbalance, and what kind of chemical imbalance.

There is the imbalance, inability to create dopamine suggested by pharma corporations that just want to sell drugs, and then there is the type of imbalance that is caused by endocrine disruptors, poison, or a lack of something your body needs to make dopamine or serotonin.

It should be noted that for the past several decades pharma corporations have profited from selling a whole other class of dangerous drug to millions and millions of people, antipsychotic, antidepressant drugs such as Eli Lilly’s Prozac, a staple SSRI antideppressant.

With both Prozac and fluoride being closely related to a base compound known as hydrofluorosilicic acid (also found in tap water) some even postulate that Eli Lilly, a multinational pharma corporation with early ties to the origin of American eugenics in Indiana, is poisoning people on purpose.

Entire documentaries have been made about how anti-depressants affect people, so this article won’t even go down that path.

While doctors such as Peter Breggin have explained that unexplainable "chemical imbalances " spoken of by doctors prescribing anti-depressants don’t actually exist as we think.

But a certain kind of chemical imbalance can exist and cause depression, being poisoned, or not having enough of something your body needs to produce its "pleasure chemicals " dopamine, seretonin, ect.

The highly toxic metal mercury is known to be a potent endocrine disruptor, causing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and a litany of other symptoms.

Mercury is so potent that mercury based dental amalgam fillings (misleadingly referred to as silver fillings) leak enough mercury into a person’s body to permanently, irreparably poison them (because mercury is nearly impossible to chelate and remove from the body, requiring the assistance of underground natural health experts such as Dr. Andy Cutler).

So people who get mercury amalgam fillings get chronically depressed, and oxytocin, a chemical alleged to be responsible for love in the human brain isn’t produced right by mercury poisoned people. The people with amalgam fillings even pass the mercury onto their children prenatally, and they are depressed and have their feelings in life dampened by being poisoned.

Then those kids get vaccines, and get more mercury, yes vaccines do contain mercury still, and no the specific type of mercury doesn’t magically flush itself out of the body as scientists claim.

People suspect a conspiracy in the widespread tolerance of mercury amalgam dental fillings, with the corporations producing them such as Henry Schein undoubtedly knowing they are poisoning people. That is fueled by the fact that a woman who held a high position with mercury amalgam dental corporation Henry Schein, Margaret Hamburg, is a serious criminal.

Margaret Hamburg became FDA commissioner in the Obama administration for several years, and kept mercury dental fillings legal for her period of time in office. Her parents were both leaders in the American Eugenics Society.

So that is what I’d call a real "chemical imbalance, " and it cannot be fixed by antidepressants, just chelation of mercury out of the body, a painful process that involves having the exact right balance of vitamins and minerals in the body and using chelating agents such as Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), as discussed by Dr. Andy Cutler.

So what is the cure to the body being poisoned, or the body not having what it needs to function The body needs minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and selenium, and its proper amount of vitamin A, the B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, everything like that and more. The subject of health and what the body really needs is a long one, a path of discovery that every person concerned with their health or depression would be wise to pursue as soon as possible.

Selenium is a mineral that protects the body from mercury poisoning. Magnesium is needed for any depressed person, as everyone is basically suffering from aluminum poisoning.

When a person has the true "chemical depression, " the best cure is probably getting rid of the poison in your body, eating better, getting the vitamins and minerals, exercising, and everything like that.

But what about the spiritual side of depression Why do we have to work for paper currency every day, to pay for houses we don’t really own, to buy food from people we’ve never met and live this life Why was it much worse in different respects throughout recorded history

Some people believe this world is some kind of proving ground or "hell. " Some people explain the dread they experience living life through these spiritual questions. Understanding what depression is can be a lifelong path.

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